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    Benefit package for a human resource generalist

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    Draft and post a memo to upper management detailing the benefits available to employees in the position focused on Human Resource Generalist. Be sure to include health insurance, time off, retirement/savings plan, and one other work/life benefit.
    Explain to management the primary strategic consideration involved in managing the proposed benefits program. Identify an additional strategic consideration related specifically to one of the benefits in your proposed program.

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    Re: Benefits/ Human Resource Generalist


    We have concluded our investigation of benefits for the above position and are presenting them to you for final approval. This position is an important part of the Human Resource department and we wish to make the position as attractive as possible to avoid turn over in employees and costs of training a succession of new employees for the position.

    The benefits chosen are health insurance with company and employee sharing costs, a reasonable and compatible holiday schedule, membership opportunities in the retirement savings plan, a flexible schedule plan, training and education assistance.

    The health insurance will be set up like our other administrative employees with the company ...

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    An example memo with outline of benefit package for a human resource generalist and the way the package affects the strategic management of the company.