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(EHR) Electronic Health Records System

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A Milestone is used in project management to indicate the completion of a specific activity in a project. Milestones must be clear, specific, significant and usually must be met by a specific time if the project is to be on time.

People sometimes refer to milestones as goals, and in effect they are, but in project management the goals refer to completion of specific steps in the project, and goals are usually linked together. A specific goal must be achieved before a subsequent goal can be met.

In construction, for example, a milestone/goal is to get the foundation done. A second goal is to get the wood framing up, but this cannot happen unless the foundation is done.

In contrast, a company may have a goal of achieving some profit percent and another to get 10 new customers. They are not necessarily linked together. I may achieve the profit goal without signing up the customers, or I may get the customers but not achieve the profit goal.

What are some possible project milestones for a project of implementing an Electronic Health Records system (EHR) system?

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I'll give you some insights from my own experience. We eased into EMR from paper charting gradually and gave ourselves the over-all goal of being totally electronic in one year. It actually took 8 months.
The first step was to find an appropriate EMR-system. Each clinic and hospital will have their own needs and wants. My experience is that this decision is made by hospital administrators unless the doc is independent. The decision and the start of implementation is your first milestone.

The second step was to get prescriptions done electronically. It was a good first step ...

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The electronic health records systems are provided. Milestones and goals which effect completions are given.

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