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Health Systems: Learning Organization Culture

Do you think that we should be moving towards a learning organisation culture within health systems? Support your answer with examples of the potential positive and negative impacts on public health practice.

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I'll try and give you some background information for you to work off of.

Let's first define what a learning organization culture is. An organizational culture learns when it is capable of assessing itself, as often as it would be productive to do so, for any gaps and inefficiencies in its productivity. To "learn" it must also be able to implement corrective strategies when it finds flaws through its assessments. In this way, an organization is always adapting and changing to what it perceives to be things which aren't working, hopefully transitioning to a state of operations where things are working better and more efficiently than the previous condition.

What are some of the advantages to an organization ...

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The expert examines moving towards a learning organization culture within health systems. The potential positive and negative impacts on public health practices are determined.