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Psychiatric Nurse and Health

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Discuss how a Psychiatric Nurse may use the following approaches: medical, behavioural changes, empowerment, and social policy, to promote health.

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The expert discusses how a psychiatric nurse may use different approaches. Medical, behavioral changes, empowerment, and social policy to promote health are analyzed.

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A psychiatric nurse can utilize a medical approach to promote health by first becoming as knowledgeable and a aware as possible of the latest medical breakthroughs in psychiatric medication and treatment methodologies. Once the nurse has gained a complete and thorough understanding of medications and their differing effects on patients, then this nurse would be thoroughly equipped to make the decisions as to which medications are the most pertinent in order to treat specific kinds of psychiatric disorders, which will exponentially increase the likelihood of a positive outcome for their patients. In addition, a psychiatric nurse can also confer with other more experienced nurses as well as doctors in gaining knowledge about the probable effects of certain medications in the treatment of differing psychiatric conditions, which will further increase this nurse's ability to utilize medications in the most efficient and effective manner possible in order to treat patients effectively. It is also highly important for psychiatric nurses to be very disciplined in the utilization of medications, so that they provide patients with the recommended dosages of medications as well as in the frequency that is recommended on the label of the medication as well. In addition to medication, it is very important that psychiatric nurses become knowledgeable of, and utilize every other known therapeutic methodology that has been proven effective in treating psychiatric conditions, so these nurses can utilize these methodologies as a medical approach to improving patient conditions. By utilizing a combination of medication ...

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