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Qualitative Research in Forensics

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Select a counseling-related qualitative research article that contains a description of data analysis procedures and clear recommendations for practice and give a brief summary of the article you selected and provide full APA citation. Based on the analysis and interpretation of the results, what conclusions did you draw and how could the results be used to inform a counseling practice? Be specific and provide examples.

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A qualitative study was conducting to explore the experiences of psychiatric nurses in a forensic ward who were subjected to hostility from the patients. The aim of the study was to explore and describe the experiences of hostile behavior of the patients in a forensic ward, and the ability of the psychiatric nurses to cope with the patients' aggression. The design was a qualitative phenomenological method involving in-depth interviews. "The interview is viewed as a tool to gain insights into the way people make sense of their world" (Creswell, 2009 as cited in Tema, Poggenpoel & Myburgh, 2011). The sample involved professional nurses (N=9), 2 men and 7 women; ages 26 to 58 years, who had additional ...

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This solution examines a qualitative research study in forensics for counseling practice.