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    Psychologisation: Sari Munch

    The Manual refers to "psychologisation" (9) and the reading by Sari Munch deals with concepts such as "sex-biased diagnosing", "gender-biased diagnosing" and "sexist diagnosing" (104). What do these terms mean? Why are they important to a study of women's health needs? Use the manual and reading to answer the above in a maxim

    Women's Health Risks

    "Does Sex Make a Difference?" by Linda Bren states that "when it comes to health risks, sex does matter" (Bren 1). Cite two points that she makes to support her statement. Please provide a maximum of 250 words with referencing. When referencing, use the author(s) name and the page number. For example: (Linda Bren 102).

    Gender inequality, Pastoral Ministry and Social Change"

    "Issues in Gender inequality in the Pastoral Ministry and Social Change" If you can include a brief description of the movement, policy or the program. Also describe changes that would make the program very effective. Rising inequality is increasingly a concern; how can we do it. A large body of research has shown ethnic dive

    Transgender and human sexuality case study

    Vincent was a college student who considered himself transgendered and resented having to be categorized as one sex or the other. He knew that anatomically he was fully male, and he had no intention of changing that. In fact, he said that he was very satisfied with his male body most of the time. However, Vincent said that since

    Case Study: Human Sexuality

    Scenario 2 - Millie and Max Max and Millie are seniors in college and have been together for over a year. They often talk about marrying when they have finished school, although Millie is thinking about going to graduate school for a master's degree. They hope to locate near each other after graduation so that their relations

    Women in the Workplace and the Wage Gap

    Women's pay is said to be roughly 3/4 of men's pay. http://www.pay-equity.org/ My question is: Is this statistic really just that sexism is rampant or is it that on average, women in a professional setting are more likely to sacrifice career for their family life? What do you think?

    Making Connections with Leadership

    Read "Through the Labyrinth". For each of the eleven chapters, summarize main points in each chapter, 200 words per chapter maximum. Next, give your opinion of the authors' ideas. How do they compare to your experiences and to other ideas you have read about related to leadership? What most surprised you? This section should be

    Lakota Woman & Roxanne Dunbar's Outlaw Woman

    We read three books: Mary Crow Dog "Lakota Woman" Anita Bryant " The Anita Bryant Story" Roxanne Dunbar " Outlaw Woman" Could you give me any suggestions on how to write a paper about all three. We should compare and contrast. They are too different, and I do not understand which topic is better to choose and describe. Fir

    Gender Identity Disorder

    I am looking for help on the topic of whether ethics of Gender Identity Disorder will remain in the next DSM V or not.

    Opinions about (biases towards) older workers

    Do you have opinions about (biases towards) older workers? What are those views (biases)? What are the consequences of the graying American? Does this trend affect you? If so, state why and how. If not, state why not. Do you agree that older workers can provide a competitive advantage? Why or why not? If you were leading

    Personal Account of a Sexual Discrimination Plaintiff

    See the attached file(s). 1 Based on the article Price Waterhouse v. Hopkins: A Personal Account of a Sexual Discrimination Plaintiff you have been asked to make 3 recommendations for organizations to adopt to ensure that all qualified individuals, including women, are being considered for the highest levels in the organizati

    Women and aging

    1. What are the long term and short-term consequences of discontinuous employment. 2. Why is it more likely that women as opposed to men will continue to work after the "normal" age of retirement? 3. What are some of the sexist, ageist and racist factors that prevent women from working full time when they are young?

    Women's aging questions

    1. According to Lee and Bakk, what changes occur in the life of a woman when she loses a partner? 2. Discuss what the Davidson refers to as the "gendered meaning of selfishness" (p. 305). 3. "The death of a loved one is a stressful event regardless of age and personal resources [but in terms of health] older women face particu

    Questions about women aging

    1. In what way is providing care to seniors termed the "unexpected career" (Orel, et al 51). 2. What assumptions underlie the care of the elderly in our society? 3. Vinton argues that as women grow into old age they face ageist and sexist stereotypes that limit their social, economic, legal and political opportunities (90

    Factors of women's poverty

    What factors contribute to women's poverty and thus to depression among older women? Please use the attached material to answer this question.

    Woman Studies question

    After reading the various arguments explaining why women are sicker than men, and the merits of each of the four models, which one do you think is more useful in understanding women's greater morbidity? Explain your choice from the attachment.

    gender studies

    I need help with these questions. o Describe a situation where you experienced or observed miscommunication among genders. What specific things did you recognize as ineffective tools of communication? What communication strategies could solve this situation? Why are they effective? Reference should be included if applic

    popular entertainer

    I need help 150-200 words discussion to answer the following questions; Analyze a popular entertainer. Who is this entertainerâ??s audience? What role does gender play in that entertainerâ??s appeal? What is your perception of popular entertainment and its influence in gender roles in society?

    Women and Mythology

    I am having a hard time getting started on the following. Need article and outline help tp get started. Identify a scholarly article that discusses some aspect of the female divine in contemporary culture. (This might range anywhere from discussions on goddesses in advertising found in an article on marketing to discussion

    Gender and wage differences

    I need to do a paper on gender and wage differences using the following: 1. Display data in both tabular and graphical format. 2. Identify some primary data collection methods that could be used to collect data. 3. Discuss any possible ethical concerns regarding the collection of data

    Gender Studies term paper websites

    Please help me with some websites that can be used to write a term paper on gender studies. I have been tasked to find out how to write a really good term paper on this topic. The copy is supposed to go on a website once it's done. I will use your answer to help me and write my own from it.

    Gender Norms

    Ideas about a good "gender norm" topic to write are listed.

    Research the gender related educational issues "schools cheat female students"

    Research the gender related educational issues "schools cheat female students", you might try the following search terms: Do schools cheat female students or Do schools cheat Male students Can something be done? Briefly discuss and outline what you plan to cover, including how you will approach this Gender Education/Commun

    Considering Gender

    Consider your own gender (female ). What do you think it means to be that gender (female) ? Have you always known how a woman or a man should act or what they should do or be? While you were growing up (early childhood through adolescence), did you ever feel conflicted about how you thought you should act as a male or a female a


    This posting offers ideas about censorship as a theme in two works. See the attached file.

    Women, Aging & Poverty

    I am writing a paper on reasons why older women often live close to or below the poverty line. I am a bit lost on where to begin can you please help by suggesting what to include in the (one page between the two) introduction and conclusion for a paper like this so I have ideas. Then also any ideas for the main paragraphs just s