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Case Study: Human Sexuality

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Scenario 2 - Millie and Max

Max and Millie are seniors in college and have been together for over a year. They often talk about marrying when they have finished school, although Millie is thinking about going to graduate school for a master's degree. They hope to locate near each other after graduation so that their relationship can continue. The two have been sharing a monogamous sexual relationship almost since they began going together, and Millie takes birth control pills for contraception. Last month, Millie missed her period, and they both are concerned that she is pregnant. Millie called the clinic where she had been prescribed the pill, and the nurse told her that if she had mistakenly skipped a pill, she could be pregnant. Millie cannot recall skipping a dose but is not completely certain. The two of them have been discussing what action they might take if it turns out that Millie is pregnant. Max has said that he would be willing to marry her but admits that such rushed circumstances would not be the scenario he would prefer. Millie has indicated that she probably would want to have an abortion, largely because she does not feel ready to be a good mother and does not want to put her graduate work and career on hold at the moment. Max is uncomfortable with this, partly because he opposes abortion and partly because he feels Millie is being selfish. He has warned her that an abortion will leave her with regrets, depression, and psychological pain. She does not believe it will bother her as much as he says, although she admits that it is not an easy decision. She believes that it simply would be the best of several unattractive options. A friend with whom she has talked has mentioned the possibility of placing the baby for adoption, but neither Max nor Millie I are inclined to do this. Millie indicates that the pregnancy will still be a difficult inconvenience for her life. Millie's home pregnancy test has come back positive, but the Student Health Center nurse practitioner tells her that she should follow up with a laboratory test to be certain. Max and Millie are feeling tense together and they seem to be at a stalemate in terms of agreeing on a course of action if she is in fact pregnant

Identify and describe the concept or concepts in the scenario using correct terminology. If the concept is closely associated with the writings of a particular theorist (such as Freud, Kinsey, Masters & Johnson, and so on), then provide that information. Explain how the scenario fits the concept.
Identify and describe the general perspective or approach to human sexuality that the concept falls under (such as gender theories, instinct theory, developmental, and psychodynamic). If the concept does not fit into one of those categories, then at least identify which part of human sexuality it deals with (such as gender, psychosexual development, and so on).

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The concept in this scenario seems to be a concept associated with rationalizing the situation as a means by which each individual will feel that they are doing the right thing, and therefore satisfy their ego or self concept. This concept is closely associated with the writings of Freud concerning the psychological defense mechanisms that individuals develop and or utilize when in stressful situations. This scenario fits this concept due to the fact that Millie has come up with a variety of different logical rationalizations, reasons, and or excuses of why she should terminate her pregnancy if she is ...

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