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    Celebrity and Gender Robles

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    I need help 150-200 words discussion to answer the following questions;

    Analyze a popular entertainer. Who is this entertainerâ??s audience? What role does gender play in that entertainerâ??s appeal? What is your perception of popular entertainment and its influence in gender roles in society?

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    Ellen DeGeneres

    Ellen DeGeneres is one of the highest paid talk show hosts today on American TV due to her syndicated talk show 'Ellen' aired on NBC and affiliated stations. Since 2003, 'Ellen' has aired 1,364 episodes and counting, with each episode divided to different segments totalling to 60 minutes. While Ellen is an openly Lesbian popular entertainer, the ...

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    The solution provides a 378-word discussion of the TV Host Ellen DeGeneres, her audience, the perception about her and influence over perceived gender roles in society.