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    Women's Health Literacy: Clancy's article

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    What is the meaning of "health literacy" as used by Clancy in her article "How to Talk to - and Understand - Your Doctor?"

    Please provide a maximum of 250 words with referencing.

    Reference article: http://www.aarp.org/health/doctors-hospitals/info-09-2010/finding_your_way_how_to_talk_to_8212_and_understand_8212_your_doctor.html.

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    As you briefly demonstrate the overall meaning of "health literacy" as used by Clancy in her article, "How to Talk to - and Understand - Your Doctor," I see it as a holistic, educational attempt to foster closer better self-awareness about medical issues, forge closer patient/physician relationships, as well as to become more knowledgeable, informed, and more empowered toward one's own health issues. I deem it as ...

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    Women's health literacy is briefly explained from Clancy's article. 250 words of notes are given.