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    Empowerment of Women

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    "The empowerment of women at any level is usually viewed as a long -term process" (Unit 2 18). How can the goals of empowerment provide women with the tools to obtain the best health care possible?

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    In terms of female empowerment as a "long-term process" (Unit 2 18), it is continuous since it denotes "...a process that would give women the skills to educate themselves, give them the self-confidence to ask questions of those who have charge of their health such as doctors, nurses, midwives, hospital administrators, and so on" (Unit 2 39). The article clearly distinguishes how this process ensures equity and also empowers women as gives them "power with" in the sense of being "equal to" (Unit 2 39).

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    This posting briefly advocates goals of empowerment for women in health care.