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Management By Exception

Need help talking about what is "management by exception"? How does it work? Is management by exception good or bad for the organization? Why or why not?

Organizational Communication and Feminism

What do you believe are some current issues that can only be solved by employing a feminist approach to organizational communication? Support your answer. Do you think a feminist approach is necessary in today's workplace? Why or why not?

Book review: Versus Plumwood's Feminism work

Please help. I need to complete the following assignment and I need source, information and advice: Identify the author's central thesis and then attempt to outline the key points of the author's main argument as you progress through the book. Roughly 3/4 of your essay should focus on summarizing the content of the book, whe

The Woman's Suffrage Movement

Information on: Critique the Suffragists Oral History Project including at least seven of the twelve leaders and participants in the woman's suffrage movement (include direct quotes when possible)

American Women and Voting

Discuss events and the significant participants leading to the Constitutional Amendment (1920)giving American women the full right to vote.

American Woman Suffrage

Can you provide me with a Timeline of the main historical events RE the voting rights of women in United States?

The historical background to women's status in the Hindu society in India.

The reasons explaining the status of women in ancient Indian history and society are not easy to extract from the history of India, as the Indians traditionally were not as interested in the writing of history as they were in many other fields. Much of the information we have on this topic comes from the sacred and popular liter