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    Management By Exception

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    Need help talking about what is "management by exception"? How does it work? Is management by exception good or bad for the organization? Why or why not?

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    Management by exception: A leadership style wherein sales managers intervene only when their salespeople have failed to meet their performance standards (e.g., a sales quota). If sales personnel are performing as expected, the sales manager will take no action. The term is also used to describe provision of information to management in which only significant deviations from the budget (or other plans) are reviewed, as the basis for corrective action.

    The object is to reduce the quantity of detail contained in management reports/ statistics, that are up to date and on which action can be taken.
    It is an organizational system in which managers delegate as much responsibility and activity as possible to those below them, stepping in only when absolutely necessary. (see website: http://www.12manage.com/description_management_by_exception.html)

    Management by exception works by the manager or organization giving the workers performance standards that they have to meet. When they don't meet these standards then, and only then, is there intervention by a manger.

    *I would begin the essay with definition of management by exception, and how it works (use the information above and the links below for more information)

    Is Management by exception good or bad for the organization? Depends....
    The following are things you might want to consider:
    a) is it a new organization, or a well established one? in a new organization you may want to be more ...