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Suffragists Oral History Project

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Information on: Critique the Suffragists Oral History Project including at least seven of the twelve leaders and participants in the woman's suffrage movement (include direct quotes when possible)

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The Suffragists Oral History Project


In the early 1970s the Suffragists Oral History Project, under the auspices of the Bancroft Library's Regional Oral History Office, collected interviews with twelve leaders and participants in the woman's suffrage movement. Tape-recorded and transcribed oral histories preserved the memories of these remarkable women, documenting formative experiences, activities to win the right to vote for women, and careers as leaders of the movements for welfare and labor reform, world peace, and the passage of the Equal Rights Amendment.

Indeed, the nineteenth century meets the twenty-first as the words of these activist women, born from the 1860s to the 1890s, are made accessible for future scholarly ...

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The solution presents background information on the feminist participants to the Suffragists Oral History Project.

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