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Fourth Grade Students react to Multicultural History

Can you help me summarize the article attached in about 300 words or less?


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This piece evaluates the national social studies standards along with the district curriculum from a multicultural reconstructionist perspective. Ava McCall, a professor of elementary social studies methods works with a fourth grade teacher in Oshkosh, Wisconsin and through collaborative action research it was discovered that students can personalize history and enjoy leaning by getting involved.

Traditionally, she likes to focus on a multicultural approach of teaching in the classroom, which integrates the perspectives of men and women, as well as ideas from other cultural groups. This approach encourages students to think critically and consider other ways of looking at the issues. It also gears students toward synthesizing a democratic approach, where power and resources are shared, which reconstructivists fail ...

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Students in fourth grade in a midwest town learn about state history from a multicultural perspective.