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    Personal Account of a Sexual Discrimination Plaintiff

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    1 Based on the article Price Waterhouse v. Hopkins: A Personal Account of a Sexual Discrimination Plaintiff you have been asked to make 3 recommendations for organizations to adopt to ensure that all qualified individuals, including women, are being considered for the highest levels in the organizations, including admittance into partnership. Incorporate examples from the article to support your recommendations. (1 page)

    2. Why We Have Too Few Women Leaders. As Facebook COO Sheryl Sandberg looks at why a smaller percentage of women than men reach the top of their professions -- and offers 3 pieces of advice to women aiming for highest levels in an organization. Identify the 3 recommendations and identify one of those recommendations as the most likely to make a difference for women aspiring to break the glass ceiling. Provide a rationale.

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    Part 1:
    3 recommendations for organizations to adopt to ensure that all qualified individuals are being considered for top positions:

    1.Make sure the company has an equal opportunity employment policy, that this policy is accessible to employees, and that it includes not just race and national identity but also gender in its anti-discrimination policy. If Price Waterhouse had a policy like this before the legal battle, then the issues of discrimination that Ms. Hopkins faced would have been more clearly articulated (pg. 411).

    2.Boards that review candidates for partnership or other kind of promotion should be comprised of diverse members or consultants. When Ms. Hopkins was under review for partnership, there were only 6 other women in the firm, and none of them were on the review board. If they had had a greater voice, they may have been able to see the derogatory comments about Ms. Hopkins dress and hair as discriminatory and to represent this to the review board at large.

    3.Companies should view diversity and equal employment as a commitment and a benefit, rather than an issue that Human Resources departments have ...

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