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    Women and aging

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    1. What are the long term and short-term consequences of discontinuous employment.
    2. Why is it more likely that women as opposed to men will continue to work after the "normal" age of retirement?
    3. What are some of the sexist, ageist and racist factors that prevent women from working full time when they are young?

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    1. What are the long term and short-term consequences of discontinuous employment?

    In the first place, file 2, page 7, in particular, reveals some long term and short-term consequences of discontinuous employment upon women. The article specifically shows that women frequently "drop out of the labour force in order to bear and rear children or to look after elderly parents. Twice as many women than men are involved in caring for children and elderly relatives. Many reduce work hours, refuse promotions or retire early in order to cope." Thus, these consequences isolate women socially and emotionally, hinder them professionally since they are missing continuity in work, and emotionally stress them immensely.

    As far as long term ramifications, the article also specifies how discontinuous employment affects women immensely in terms of financially, especially since "These interruptions result in lower lifetime earnings and pension benefits, with the result that women who experience these typical work patterns remain economically vulnerable throughout their lives."

    Another major consequence seems to be isolation from the workforce in general as the article addresses, "In fact many senior women in Canada have never been employed outside the home. As of 2004 17% of all women aged 65 and over, compared with just 2% of men in this age range, had never worked outside the home ...

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