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Positive Aspect of Aging & Impact of Gender, Ethnicity, Cult

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Select a specific positive or negative aspect of aging and analyze how gender, ethnicity, or culture might influence the aspect of aging you chose.

How should our understanding of these problems influence interactions or public policy?

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Wisdom is typically thought to be a positive aspect of aging. Older people are often considered "repositories of wisdom" (Dierling, 2012) from whom young people could learn and get guidance. This is especially expected of men, whose opinions are often prized as they age. The average age of U.S. presidents is 54.8 years old, with Congress averaging 57 years old (Wall Street Journal, 2009). Older men are sought out for positions on company boards, for advice and direction based on their past experiences. According to a study, the average age of S & P 500 boards was 61.7 in 2008 and inching toward older (Eder, 2009). This can be problematic since women tend to live longer. It is stated that there is a "domination of the male paradigm of culture and leadership" (Lesonsky, 2011), which makes us assume the "old boy network" is still quite active. Utilizing older people in business can often add seasoned advice and utilize the capabilities that they have developed. White males are predominant in these positions, however, other cultural groups value older men, in the form of tribal leaders and council in American ...

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This solution selects a specific positive or negative aspect of aging and analyzes how gender, ethnicity, or culture might influence the aspect of aging chosen. It discusses how our understanding of these problems influences APA interactions or public policy. APA references are included.

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