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    Diversity: Behaviour and characterisitics

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    Hello! I need help in completing the following paper:

    Prepare a 1,050-1,750-word paper in which you select four to five types of diversity and demographic characteristics from the list below and examine the impact of each on individual behavior:
    a. Ethnicity
    b. Gender
    c. Age
    d. Socioeconomic status
    e. Sexual orientation (affinity)
    f. Religion
    g. Geographical differences (rural versus urban; inner city versus suburban)
    h. Occupation
    i. Differences in skills and abilities
    j. Personality traits
    k. Value and attitude differences

    Cite in APA formatting.

    Thank you for your help!

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    Dear Student,
    I have chosen 4 out of the subjects presented and discussed them via explanation and sample thoroughly below.

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    Diversity: Ethnicity

    When we talk of diversity by virtue of ethnicity, we are referring to multiculturalism, of racial, cultural and ethnic diversity within the population/membership of a specific place or group, whether primary, secondary or referential like in a university, a corporation or business, a tow, city or a country. New York for instance is a multicultural city. Its populace of at least 8.3 million people makes it one of the most populous cities in the US. It is a world financial center and the HQ of the United Nations. Many of the city's neighborhoods & 'villages' exhibit a certain affiliation towards a particular culture or ethnicity. Harlem for example holds on to its African-American roots through its populace and the varied institutions (stores, cafes, bars, restaurants, shops, schools & museums, art galleries, etc.), celebrating that 'flavor' as part of its identity. Historically, immigrants from Puerto Rico, Asia, Latin America, Eastern Europe, Africa and the Mid-East being that New York historically had been one of the US' main entry points for immigration into the country. The term melting-pot was first coined to describe the populace of the Lower-East Side. According to recent NY City government studies, 36% of New Yorkers are foreign born. NY City as a whole exhibits its multiculturalism through its cuisine, the arts, literature, politics & economics. Businesses therefore employ a very diverse workforce. Banks like Merrill Lynch ensure that theirs is a representative workforce of the city's populace as a multicultural city is a good sampling of the global populace. The bank employs American-Chinese finance managers for China, Chinese or Far East related accounts. The finance manager's affinity to the culture of their clients as well as their ability to speak said language allows the bank to create a stronger relationship with said clients resulting to a healthier business. Same goes for accounts that have its roots on a particular nation or culture: Indian, Middle-Eastern, and Hispanic. Inner city schools teach a diverse student populace. It's not only due to the equal opportunity policy by which the schools employ teachers from varied ...

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    The solutions presents certain types of diversity (see original problem) and provides an analysis of how these particular kinds of diversities affect behaviour of individuals in communities and groups.