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Gender Identity Disorder

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I am looking for help on the topic of whether ethics of Gender Identity Disorder will remain in the next DSM V or not.

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Gender Identity Disorder


That I am aware of, diagnosing mental/emotional/personality disorders are rare in childhood. I think the reasoning for this is that children have not yet reached maturity, and as such, personality is undeveloped. I know that children are restricted, in most cases, from anti-depressants/anti-psychotics, etc. as these have an effect on the undeveloped brain.

While mental illness can be described and treated as an organic brain disorder, I do not believe this is the case with gender-identity-disorder, and as such, cannot or should not be included in the DSM V. Those with gender-identity-disorder are often acutely aware of the difference in childhood, and this is where I believe the difference between a personality disorder and ...

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An explanation of why gender identity disorder should not be included in the DSM V. The answer submitted includes references.

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