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    Subjugation of Roles in Society

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    What is a gender-based topic research question that can be tested in a quantitative research proposal? The topic is "A Peace Treaty Between the Sexes" and need to be supported by 5 citations from primary sources. These five citations needs references and there must be a summary of the main points of each citation. Keep the following questions at hand:

    a) What were the topic/research question being investigated?
    b) How was the study conducted (participants, materials, procedure, etc.)?
    c) What did the results reveal?
    d) How might these methodological considerations affect the research findings and the conclusions drawn from them?
    e) How does this article fit in with this paper?

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    Let's consider universal subordination, possibly as some have called, subjugation of women in complex societies, which is another significant set of observations that must be considered. What I would focus on is the decline of gender inequality in modern societies as widespread and unavoidable over past centuries. Now, with that said, according to the U.S. Census Bureau, women still earn approximately 77 cents for every dollar a man makes, although they outnumber men when it comes to finishing college and holding advanced degrees. With an increased number of single-parent homes and female-led households, that is problematic. Here is what I would focus on with this thesis statement. Many women are the primary source of income in their families. Given the job crisis in this economic depression, they may be the only source of income, and that wage discrepancy not only damages their family, but also has a negative effect on the economy. The transformation of work and family life accompanying women's assimilation into high-status positions shows two things: i) biological differences between the sexes play no important necessary role in the capacities, aspirations, or outlooks that determine most women's and ii) men's roles in our society.

    Therefore, when applied to the explanation of gender, this argument implies that women and men have repeatedly contested and recreated gender inequality in changing societies. Therefore, these struggles occurred without regard to inequality's original causes or functions. As for the resolution, while gender inequality has been maintained even as the structure of societies changed dramatically, it has long lost any ...

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    This is a guideline looking at a "a peace treaty between the sexes" and a subjugation of roles between genders in society. A summary of the mai points of each citation are given. The methodological considerations which affect the research findings are discussed.