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    Gender Issues in Education

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    Research the gender related educational issues "schools cheat female students", you might try the following search terms:
    Do schools cheat female students or
    Do schools cheat Male students
    Can something be done?
    Briefly discuss and outline what you plan to cover, including how you will approach this Gender Education/Communication in schools.
    Citations are needed to research and finish essay.

    Thank you

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    Dear Student,
    Here is your solution. I decided that the best way for me to help you is to create a discursive essay you can use to create your own. The outline below is followed by this discursive essay. Feel free to use this when creating your own as well as the elements of the discursive essay including the concepts and references therein. Do not forget to cite to avoid plagiarism. I decided to present stories that show how school systems 'cheat' both sexes. It is up to you to use them both or just choose a particular 'gender/sex' to present. Either way, cases for both are presented in the sample below. Good luck! Thank you for using brainmass.

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    Outline of Essay:

    1. Introduction ---- Gender Differences: a quick discussion of gender & the social chaos that result from it as viewed in history.

    2. Religious Perspective --- a discussion of religion & it's role in causing gender differences, especially in terms of education.

    3. Cheating Rehabilitation & Treatment --- A look at how girls are cheated by present school systems in terms of combating juvenile delinquency.

    4. Whose Smarter? --- A look at how boys fare lower than girls in high school due to Ritalin.

    5. A Thought --- Conclusion on presented arguments.

    6. References --- materials used as sources of information.

    (sample essay based on outline above)

    Gender Differences

    In the ancient period during the time of the Greeks, Plato's lectures were limited to an audience of youth who would be or are citizens --- male. Fast forward to the time of the Romans and even in ancient Egypt, society was more or less geared towards Patriarchal leadership. Once in a while a consort queen with the wisdom and ambition necessary surfaces, like Nefertiti or Hatshepsut or the Empress Sofia. These however are events were factors conspired and the female in question works on a burning ambition to be equal or be dominant over a male-led hierarchy. When Spain & Portugal led colonial exploration, they brought with them Christianity and a system patriarchal in it's roots. The woman in many a Catholic nation was delegated the care of the home, even in Christian England, thus bringing the practice to the Colonies. Women have since the Middle Period felt that form of oppression, especially in their want to be educated and given the same chances as their male counterparts did. While the Middle Ages may have hindered such equality primarily because soldiering, fighting & politicking are venues for the strong ---essentially men and as such power rested in them, the Renaissance & the Age of Enlightenment was not. Slowly, feminism as a movement for equality found debate with the works in the 17th century work of Mary Astell. Astell, while still believing in the divinity of Kings & the need for a Patriarchal Society found it unfair that equality in education was not granted to women, when they are, in essence of equal mental capacity than their male counterparts.

    It seems such a long way away, our ...

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    The solution discusses the gender issue of the possibility of Schools 'cheating' female students in terms of the various approaches in education and the manner in which academic & non-academic programs are conducted. While the solution focuses on an American setting, the issues that it presents are universal in terms of opportunities missed and lost due to inappropriate programs. To tackle the issue, the solution presents a 'backbone' to an essay - an outline of topics of discussion & proceeds to fill it with the necessary information & discourse as a way of presenting an example not just in the manner of tackling the issue but in creating sociological essays in a critical manner.