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    Teaching Styles & Methods

    Evidence Based Practices

    Explain the reasons all educators need to use evidence-based practices, particularly when educating students with learning disabilities in the areas of language arts and math. Cite relevant research.

    Medical Missions

    Please help answer the following question: What are Medical Missions and what does one need to know when considering this line of work?

    Importance of Understanding Academic Development

    Once students are identified with a learning disability, this label typically stays with them throughout their lifetime. In order to ensure that students receive the best support services throughout their school years, why is it important for educators to understand what typical academic development? Why is it important for gene

    Teaching Literacy and Language arts

    Compare and contrast instructional strategies used to aid comprehension of narrative, expository, and poetic texts. What makes one strategy work with one type of text but not with another?

    Instructional Strategies in the Classroom Setting

    For each group size, describe the instructional strategy you chose, i.e. case story, discussion, lecture, distance learning, case study, demonstration and simulation, course portfolio, etc. and briefly explain why.

    Providing Effective Feedback and Distributing Practice Through Learning Events

    Please help, trying define two Practice Principle which are Provide Effective Feedback and Distribute and Mix Practice Among Learning Events by describe each, explain how the principles can impact learning when applied, describe the challenges associated with incorporating the principle into a JIT training activity, examine the

    Effective Teaching and Learning

    Can some please help me this questions: 1. An explanation of your conceptualization of learning 2. An explanation of your conceptualization of teaching 3. An explanation of your goals for students 4. An explanation of how you plan to implement your philosophy 5. An explanation of your professional growth plan with referenc

    Whole Number Multiplication

    Select any grade between 2 and 6, and discuss what you feel is an appropriate skill level for whole-number computation at that grade. Should these skills be taught at that grade or earlier?

    What Makes a Good School Welcome Letter?

    Find and analyse: "Welcome Letters" 8.3A and 8.3B. Respond to the following: Amatea, E. S. (2013). Building culturally responsive family-school relationships (2nd ed.). Upper Saddle River: Pearson Education. ISBN-10: 0205523641 Answer the following: - How are the two welcome letters different in regard to culture (the

    Arrange a Classroom for Differentiation

    Please help, I need some suggestion on how to use foundational concepts of differentiated instructions to design a classrooms physical layout. I hope to get some help this time, for some reason there was no reply on my last few questions.

    due day 3

    What are professional learning communities? How are professional learning communities similar and different from professional learning networks?

    Workplace Stress Management

    Give an example of things you may do to manage your stress or an example of someone you have observed who effectively manages their stress.

    Parents and Education

    Give some examples of why parents should be involved in their child's education and why it is so important they be involved. Please provide AT LEAST 200 words.

    Narrative Reflection in teaching

    Write a narrative reflecting on instruction and student learning in which you: a. describe the instructional strategies or activities that contributed most to student learning and which were most effective, b. explain the greatest barriers to achieving learning results, specifically considering which of these were under your

    A Mentor for The New Teacher

    Is it important for a new teacher to find out from the school how new teachers are going to be coached and mentored?

    Discipline in the Classroom

    How would you manage a student who is a consistently a disruption to yourself and the class? Is it important to know how to handle a situation like this? What are the proper measures to take in managing a disruptive student, and what order should you implement these measures in?

    Reduced Lunches

    Should teachers be able to know the percentage of reduced lunches? In my school they do not allow for teachers to know the percentage of reduces? Please provide AT LEAST 200 words.

    Subbing During Planning Period

    You are a first-year teacher and you have been asked to substitute day after day during your planning period. What do you do? Provide AT LEAST 200 words.