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Teaching Styles & Methods

Providing Effective Feedback and Distributing Practice Through Learning Events

Please help, trying define two Practice Principle which are Provide Effective Feedback and Distribute and Mix Practice Among Learning Events by describe each, explain how the principles can impact learning when applied, describe the challenges associated with incorporating the principle into a JIT training activity, examine the

Effective Teaching and Learning

Can some please help me this questions: 1. An explanation of your conceptualization of learning 2. An explanation of your conceptualization of teaching 3. An explanation of your goals for students 4. An explanation of how you plan to implement your philosophy 5. An explanation of your professional growth plan with referenc

Whole Number Multiplication

Select any grade between 2 and 6, and discuss what you feel is an appropriate skill level for whole-number computation at that grade. Should these skills be taught at that grade or earlier?

What Makes a Good School Welcome Letter?

Find and analyse: "Welcome Letters" 8.3A and 8.3B. Respond to the following: Amatea, E. S. (2013). Building culturally responsive family-school relationships (2nd ed.). Upper Saddle River: Pearson Education. ISBN-10: 0205523641 Answer the following: - How are the two welcome letters different in regard to culture (the

Arrange a Classroom for Differentiation

Please help, I need some suggestion on how to use foundational concepts of differentiated instructions to design a classrooms physical layout. I hope to get some help this time, for some reason there was no reply on my last few questions.

due day 3

What are professional learning communities? How are professional learning communities similar and different from professional learning networks?

Narrative Reflection in teaching

Write a narrative reflecting on instruction and student learning in which you: a. describe the instructional strategies or activities that contributed most to student learning and which were most effective, b. explain the greatest barriers to achieving learning results, specifically considering which of these were under your

A Mentor for The New Teacher

Is it important for a new teacher to find out from the school how new teachers are going to be coached and mentored?

Discipline in the Classroom

How would you manage a student who is a consistently a disruption to yourself and the class? Is it important to know how to handle a situation like this? What are the proper measures to take in managing a disruptive student, and what order should you implement these measures in?

SIOP Learning Model

What are the benefits of using the SIOP model for lesson plans in the classroom?

The Lesson Cycle

What are the components of an effective lesson plan? Provide AT LEAST 200 words.

Assessment Analysis

1) Aligned to what has or is being taught 2) Applicable and meaningful to the student 3) A direct approach to gathering and assessing identified information 4) Fair 5) Practical 6) Easily communicated How can you make sure your assessment addresses all the criteria listed above? Provide at least 200 words.

Teacher Work

Examine the relationship between the Teacher Work Sample and daily instruction as a professional educator. What surprises did you encounter during the development and implementation of the Teacher Work Sample? How did you address this new insight? I have attached a teacher work sample if you need to view it. Thanks.

Teaching Styles

A teaching philosophy is a summary statement in which one reflects on how they teach and why. For this third component of your SLP, you will begin to develop your teaching philosophy by reflecting on and responding to the following: How do you teach? Why? Importantly, your discussion of "Why" you teach this way is t

Performance Analysis of the HPT Model

Create 4-5 slides explaining Step 1 (Performance Analysis) of the Human Performance Technology Model (HPT) with speaker notes. Please include any references.

Lesson Planning Factors

Reflect on how instructional decision-making may influence the success of a lesson. How might using effective formative assessment strategies enhance the success of a lesson for the students and for the teacher? When reviewing lesson plans and planning for class, factors to consider in lesson planning and implementation inclu

Program Evaluation Methods

What does education literature offer as some of the key factors that usually serve as motivation for adult learners to return to school? In preparing to teach a 14-week course in Business Writing at the local penitentiary. How might you incorporate the principles of self-regulation into the instruction and into the assessment an

Learning Solutions

As a leader, you will be solving a variety of problems. Based on the research literature you reviewed, propose solutions to the instructional problem from each of the five perspectives within the context of a diverse community of learners: a. Curriculum b. Instruction c. Evaluation d. Technology e. Policy