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Teaching online versus teaching in person

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Can someone help me with a description of the differences between the skills needed to teach online and those needed to teach in person?

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I think that one of the major differences between the skills needed to teach online and those needed to teach in person, is the fact that teaching in person requires a great deal more emotional control. This is due to the fact that it is very important for a teacher to display a disciplined and calm demeanor, despite any frustrating ...

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This solution describes the differences between teaching online and teaching in person.

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Standardized,power and politics

2. What issues involving power and politics are involved in moving from a setting that encouraged faculty empowerment to one that required much more standardization of instruction? How would you deal with those issues if you were involved in university administration?

Besides a poor fit between course design and the instructor's teaching style may consist of irreconcilable differences, demonstrates a lack of ownership and may even be a reason for me to disagree with aspects of the course content what else is there. And as far as the university goes wouldn't it just be better to voice those concerns to those higher than the university's administration?

3. In the specific case of adult learners and use of multiple instructors, is it possible to reach a compromise between standardization and empowerment so that the benefits of standardization can be obtained while still allowing for the flexibility that comes with empowerment? How can this apply to courses taught online versus face-to-face?

I believe a compromise could come about, but besides just speaking about the issue I am not sure what else can be done and how this can be applied to courses taught online versus face -to-face just has me a block. Discuss.

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