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Teaching Styles & Methods

Classroom Size in Schools

Why is finding out from the school what the average classroom size is for a particular grade so important? Please provide AT LEAST 200 words.

SIOP Learning Model

What are the benefits of using the SIOP model for lesson plans in the classroom?

The Lesson Cycle

What are the components of an effective lesson plan? Provide AT LEAST 200 words.

Assessment Analysis

1) Aligned to what has or is being taught 2) Applicable and meaningful to the student 3) A direct approach to gathering and assessing identified information 4) Fair 5) Practical 6) Easily communicated How can you make sure your assessment addresses all the criteria listed above? Provide at least 200 words.

Teacher Work

Examine the relationship between the Teacher Work Sample and daily instruction as a professional educator. What surprises did you encounter during the development and implementation of the Teacher Work Sample? How did you address this new insight? I have attached a teacher work sample if you need to view it. Thanks.

Teaching Styles

A teaching philosophy is a summary statement in which one reflects on how they teach and why. For this third component of your SLP, you will begin to develop your teaching philosophy by reflecting on and responding to the following: How do you teach? Why? Importantly, your discussion of "Why" you teach this way is t

Children Helping Children

If children have already mastered a specific skill, why would we put them in the group that is working on mastering that skill? Please provide AT LEAST 200 words.

Performance Analysis of the HPT Model

Create 4-5 slides explaining Step 1 (Performance Analysis) of the Human Performance Technology Model (HPT) with speaker notes. Please include any references.

Teacher Reflection

Teacher reflection. Once a lesson is complete, reflect on how the lesson went. How did the students respond to the lesson? Did the students master the objectives? Give an example of what teacher reflection (above) would look like in a classroom. Please provide AT LEAST 200 words.

Performance Based Activities

How can you make sure you include students in performance based activities and assessments? Please provide AT LEAST 200 words.

Checking for Understanding

How can you make sure you have planned for continuous "checking for understanding"? Provide at least 200 words.

RSS Feeds: An Explanation

Please help me identify two R.S.S. Feeds (Readlly Simply Syndication) that are related to teaching and learning technology and the process of subscribing to them.

Lesson Planning Factors

Reflect on how instructional decision-making may influence the success of a lesson. How might using effective formative assessment strategies enhance the success of a lesson for the students and for the teacher? When reviewing lesson plans and planning for class, factors to consider in lesson planning and implementation inclu

Program Evaluation Methods

What does education literature offer as some of the key factors that usually serve as motivation for adult learners to return to school? In preparing to teach a 14-week course in Business Writing at the local penitentiary. How might you incorporate the principles of self-regulation into the instruction and into the assessment an

Globalization and Education

What education or training issues can be related to globalization and why is there increasing competition for talented international learners? I need some help explaining this question and let me where you obtain this information from.

Learning Solutions

As a leader, you will be solving a variety of problems. Based on the research literature you reviewed, propose solutions to the instructional problem from each of the five perspectives within the context of a diverse community of learners: a. Curriculum b. Instruction c. Evaluation d. Technology e. Policy

Designing a Curriculum

Why would it be helpful, when designing curriculum, to have a clear set of goals and objectives before beginning the design and development. What is the difference between setting goals and setting objectives? Why learners should be made aware of the goals and objectives for each course or lesson. How would these items be presen