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The Lesson Cycle

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What are the components of an effective lesson plan? Provide AT LEAST 200 words.

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What are the components of an effective lesson plan? Provide AT LEAST 200 words.

The Lesson Cycle

Although many lesson cycles exist today, most have similar steps.

A lesson always begins with a measurable (observable) behavioral outcome objective. This objective is what the teacher expects the students to be able to do when the lesson is completed. For example: Given a strip of foil, a light bulb and a battery, the student will be able to create a complete circuit in order to light the bulb, then illustrate and label the circuit with the following terms: power source, conductor and resistor.

Step 1 - Captures the attention of the students. To capture the students' attention many types of activities can be used that are appropriate to the objective being taught. With the available technology, often a brief movie clip or photos will spur ...

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The expert provides a description and example of the 5 main steps in a lesson cycle.

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