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Preschool Education - science lesson

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Need help developing an a brief outline of a five day science plan, based on either national or state standards, and explain the various activities that would include to ensure student understanding and engagement. This outline is for a science curriculum for the preschool student and should be hands on, engaging, and spark interest in further exploration.

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Preschool Education - science lesson

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Science Lesson Plan
Vital Information

Kindergarten students will create a leaf life cycle journal.
Basic Biological Sciences

Topic or Unit of Study:
Basic Biological Science: Leaf Life Cycle

Kindergarten level

Students will learn about plant and tree or shrub leaves and the life cycle of different leaves.

Students will explore, collect, include in their journal and identify in simple terms, various leaves of different sizes, shapes, textures and colors during Fall season.

Learning Context:
In natural setting, outdoors, in the supervision of a science teacher or parents, students will collect leaves and then arrange them in their leaf journal.

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