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Savage Inequalities: Addressing inequality in education

Savage Inequalities is a wonderful book to reference here as it does point to the problem of inequitable funding. In other words the poor stay poor because the school is funded disproportionally from community to community. This then impacts society's views of certain minorities and the poor, but then it also continues to fuel the vicious cycle.
As teachers there are many things we can do to fix this from our simple actions in the classroom via the curriculum, activities, and our expectation for equality among students.
How will you begin to make the difference? What is one way you could begin to break this vicious cycles so that when your students are parents, they make better choices for their children?

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One important way teachers can break the cycle of teaching bias in schools is to respect various dialects. An illustrative example is the primarily African American dialect of Ebonics. In the homes of many of our African American students this is the widely accepted, "proper" way to speak English. By criticizing their way of speaking we are demeaning the ...

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Solutions and strategies to address inequality in education are discussed.