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    Performance Analysis of the HPT (Human Performance Technology) Model

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    Create 4-5 slides explaining Step 1 (Performance Analysis) of the Human Performance Technology Model (HPT) with speaker notes. Please include any references.

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    Slide 1: Overview. I would state do an introduction with this slide. Explain what is going to be presented. Explain that it will be viewed issue by issue.

    Slide 2: ISSUE 1: THE MISSING LINK FROM TRAINING TO PERFORMANCE. There is a disconnect between training and performance. This can be due to the lack of experience and training with organization. Individuals are not trained how to be organized while performing. Experts, such as instructors, are well versed in how to present information in a systematic, organized, and clear way. However, novices do not have this. Their thinking process and thus dissemination of information is often fragmented. They jump from topic to topic in unclear ways or present a topic in a non-sequential order. How can this be resolved? Apprenticeships can be great to help with this. This is because it gives the novice the ability to perform while being supervised. I suggest apprenticeships instead of internships because of the economy. The latter do not pay generally. However, students nowadays need an income to survive. An apprenticeship allows for this while also furthering their educational experience. Jang (2008) states that he believes "...that developing or expanding ISD models for organizational learning could significantly ...

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    A view on the issues with HPT is provided. A performance analysis of the HPT Model is given.