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    Learning Standards

    The Value of Learning Standards

    For this discussion, please share your own ideas and insights about how early childhood educators may communicate with others regarding learning standards as well as how to communicate the purpose and value of Learning Standards to parents. Discuss how children, teachers, programs and parents benefit from Learning Standards. Inc

    Physical Development Standards

    For this discussion, please choose either a focus on fostering fine motor or gross motor skill development. Develop a curriculum/activity plan designed to foster either fine motor or gross motor development in two (2) year old children. Include your implementation plan and assessment plan for the activity and an analysis of how

    Mathematics Learning Standards

    Children show interest and curiosity in counting and grouping objects and numbers. Discuss how preschool learning areas can support mathematical learning standards. How would you arrange and equip the block, dramatic play, manipulative and art learning areas to support the above learning standard?

    Early Learning Standards in Education

    a. Does Illinois have identified learning standards for early childhood education? b. What are the benefits of identified Early Learning Standards? c. Are there barriers presented by early learning standards in an early childhood education program? d. How do you see yourself using early learning standards in curriculum planni

    Data, Assessments, and How to Make an Assessment Plan

    - When making an assessment plan, how would I identify the standards of learning for parents and student in language that would be easy to understand? What are students to know and be able to do? Include what the learning targets will be measuring. - How would one develop descriptions of what it means to meet the standard for

    Areas to Investigate for Assessing the Academic Standards.

    Please help me with the following: Visit the interactive map on the U.S. Department of Education website or conduct an internet search to locate the website for your state Department of Education (Illinois). Research the academic standards in your state for a first, second or third grader. Identify three areas that you feel y

    Kindergarten Academic Standards

    Could you help me with this? On the first day of kindergarten, some children will be able to read and write while others will not recognize their written name. Have the kindergarten academic standards been raised too high or have we just realized the potential of five-year-olds? On June 24, 2010 the Illinois State Board of

    Head Start Performance Standards

    What are the Head Start performance standards? Why are the Head Start programs more regimented than private preschools? How does this allow for differentiation in the various developmental stages of a child? The performance standards cover major areas such as: a) Early Childhood development and Health Services: By ensuring th

    Standard Assessments of Student Learning

    Alec Hulbert is a new sixth-grade teacher at Thomas Jefferson Middle School. Alec took advantage of the days before school began to review the records of the 20 students who would be in his class. He was pleased to see that most of the students were performing at or above grade level on the standardized tests in reading comprehe

    Geography Learning Essential Understanding

    1. Provide one Enduring Understanding each for two illustrations that a student should take away from their High School [or College] educations related to the Standards (http://www.thepgs.org/pga/NationalStandards.pdf) and the information related to the Illustrations. 2. Provide 4 Essential Questions to each Enduring Unders

    Assessment and Critical Reflection

    Brodie and Irving (2007) stated that as educators, regardless of the type of learning setting, ''we need to ensure that students will know: what learning is, how to do it best, when they have learnt, what their learning is informed by, what they need to learn, what they have learnt, know more about, become more able at doing.

    Standards to facillitate teaching

    discuss the requirements of a specific grade-level or content specific standards as developed in the NETS for Students in Louisiana. b) Describe technologies that are widely available to teachers in K-12 education to facilitate teaching, learning, and communications. c) Which requirements for the grade of your choice do y

    National Education Technology Standards for Teachers

    This is my assignment: Using the ISTE Web site compare and contrast the National Education Technology Standards for Teachers (NETS for Teachers) with any set of standards listed by your state Louisiana by using a graphic organizer. I'm looking at 3rd through 5th grade Special Education students.

    Start with the Standards

    Locate a set of standards that relate to the arts or aesthetic learning. Select one or two that apply to a particular early childhood age group. Discuss how you could use these standards to plan an art activity for young children. Any state standards including The National Standards of Arts Education website.

    Using goals and state standards to prepare for teaching

    Describe specific ways to develop questioning strategies among students. What kind of classroom is amenable to assist students with questioning and self questioning? Why is it important to assist students with asking questions while they read, especially esol students Please give me help with the following. Using the goal to gu

    Standards Based Assessment

    Any help in obtaining information for the following assignment will be appreciated: Conduct an internet search on standards-based assessment. Based on your research, the assigned readings, and the week's content, write a paper reflecting your thoughts on the present and future status of standards-based assessment in the follo

    Educational trends

    1. What was the field of education like prior to the implementation of academic standards? 2. In what ways have standards changed curriculum, instruction, and assessment? 3. Reflect on the effectiveness of academic standards as a vehicle for educational reform. What are the pros and cons as you see them in the reform movem

    Take a position--Does standards-based education improve learning?

    4-6 Pages Details: One approach to structuring a learning environment is standards-based education. In this assignment, you will create an argument on whether or not standards improve student learning. Take a position--Does standards-based education improve learning? Provide evidence that refutes your position. Pr

    Laws affecting educational practice are noted.

    I know that a lot of people talk about the No Child Left Behind law that affects schools across the US but what about all the other laws? Today's schools function in a complex legal environment. A wide range of legal issues influence the lives of teachers, students, parents, and administrators (Fischer, Schimmel, & Kelly, 199

    Purpose, major elements, uses, and concerns regarding a Teacher Work Sample

    What is the purpose of a Teacher Work Sample? What are the major elements of a Teacher Work Sample? How is the teacher work sample used in the classroom? What are some questions and concerns about the teacher work sample? a.Purpose b.Major elements c.Use in the classroom d.Questions and/or concerns