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    The history of state standards in education

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    1. What was the field of education like prior to the implementation of academic standards?

    2. In what ways have standards changed curriculum, instruction, and assessment?

    3. Reflect on the effectiveness of academic standards as a vehicle for educational reform. What are the pros and cons as you see them in the reform movement.

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    The issue of academic standards is timely considering it has been eight years since US president Bush put No Child Left Behind into effect. While there have been benefits to this initiative, the restrictions and limitations perhaps have provoked long-term damage to some populations. It was especially designed to mainstream success/failure for all, where those who already had resources would prosper with or without the NCLB piece.

    The problem then and now lies with those kids who can't or won't learn. The challenge is to motivate students to love to learn, despite the curriculum, laws, politics and trendy political catchwords.

    The choice of content areas is almost infinite so instituting standards gave teachers, districts, governing boards and states a direction and a target to shoot for. The problem is WHO decides? Who gets to say that THIS IS WHAT THE STUDENT WILL LEARN?! Business can report their new crop of job candidates are or are NOT ready to perform at the job. Colleges can show trends in academic success or inability to cope in higher education.

    Economic predictors say that the trend of declining ...

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    Taking a look back at education before state standards and how they have impacted education now is reviewed.