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    Define accreditation

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    Write a short 200 words for each of the items below:

    •Define accreditation

    •Explain the difference between accreditation and licensure

    •Describe the history of accreditation in the United States

    •Outline the current and future challenges with accreditation

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    •Define accreditation

    Accreditation represents recognition from accrediting agencies that an institution of higher learner has successfully maintained standards requisite for the graduates of an institution to gain admission to other reputable institutions of higher learning or to achieve credentials for professional practice. Therefore, the use of accreditation is instrumental in ensuring that quality education is provided by institutions of higher education that are in accordance with the established standards set forth by accreditation agencies. Educational agencies receive two different types of accreditation including institutional and specialized accreditation. In reference to institutional accreditation, this type of accreditation typically is used to provide recognition to the entire educational institution wherein each part of the institution has been deemed to have successfully maintained standards requisite for accreditation, but not necessarily all at the same level of quality. Specialized accreditation is used to ...

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    The solution defines accreditation. The difference between accreditation and licensure are explained.