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Learning Standards

Family and Community Engagement

I needed a little help getting started. Create your philosophy and approach to family and community engagement. Draw from your direct experience working with families. Your philosophy statement and approach should align to a theoretical perspective. You must cite one scholarly source in your philosophy and approach statement.

Alternative assessment strategies

Describe alternative assessment strategies, other than using rubrics, in evaluating student outcomes. What are the advantages and disadvantages of using these types of alternative assessments? Please give specific examples

Math and Science Standards for Child-based Projects

Share three math content standards and three science content standards. Then, develop a project that meets these standards. Describe your project and identify two ways in which this project is developmentally appropriate. Also explain your approach for making your project child-centered.

Professional Development Programs for Facilitators

Professional development programs for facilitators have been criticized for various reasons; for example, one time workshops, educational trends, lack of relevance, short-lived program, and no follow-up. What are the pitfalls of professional development programs? Present improvement strategies in the form of a best practices out

Important quality criteria for a curriculum guide

Please help answer the following problem about learning standards. What do you consider to be the two most important quality criteria for a curriculum guide? Defend your selection. In addition, identify one criterion that is likely to be missed or could be problematic and explain why.

Trainees' scores on career development courses

Quantitative research question: Do trainees have lower passing scores on career development courses at a deployed location, than those at a home location? Peruse the literature; select 4 or 5 articles that relate to the research question; and read with a purpose to identify gaps in information or ambiguities that help to cl

Peter Loscher Leadership Analysis

With regard to the article, "How Siemens Got Its Mojo Back", featured in Bloomberg Businessweek on January 27, 2011, found at this link, I have some questions and could use some help and references to the article and others to support ideas for me to elabo

Face-to-face communication merits

1) Why is face-to-face communication still important in an organization? Or is it? 2) What are the advantages of face-to-face communication in an organization? 3) What are the disadvantages?

Research Methods Project

The primary research question and topic that is of concern for the classroom that will be researched in this paper is how children change over time throughout their academic experiences and to what degree earlier developmental patterns and experiences can predict future growth and development in the child. Need help with the

Summative Assessment Examples

Please help answer the following questions: What are some examples of traditional performance - based summative assessments? What is the importance of varying your assessment modalities?

Social Loafing in the Workplace

1) What is social loafing in the workplace? What problems does social loafing cause and what is its impact on productivity in the workplace? 2) What steps would be recommended for a hotel manager to take to reduce social loafing within the cleaning staff that are responsible for keeping all common areas and guest rooms spotle

Management: Use of positive reinforcement and negative reinforcement

1) Why is it important for managers to always try to use positive reinforcement instead of negative reinforcement? 2) How might using negative reinforcement affect the working relationship or workplace environment? 3) Should negative reinforcement ever be used in today's workplace? Why or why not? 4) Is there any connec

Assessment Methods

Read the Hansen and Brody article entitled, "Solving Problems through Action Research." (see attached). Specifically pay attention to the various data collection methods. Also think about how other action researchers have collected data. Think about your instructional problem and your research question, my research question bei

Assessment for individual learning and quality improvement of instruction

Read the article entitled, "Assessment in Work‐Based Learning: Investigating a Pedagogical Approach to Enhance Student Learning." (see attached) According to Brodie and Irving (2007): As teachers [...], we need to ensure that students will know: - What learning is (learning implies change)—learning theory; - How to

Family and community services specialization

According to Moss and Noden (1994), classroom teachers who decide to investigate questions that they have generated about teaching and learning engage in action research when they raise questions about their practices, test out assumptions, and evaluate the results. Action research gives educators an opportunity to reflect, make

Defining Performance Improvement

What is your own definition of performance improvement, based on your experiences? Why have you selected this definition? How does it relate to HPT? What are the distinguishing features that underlie the performance improvement process? According to our text, ""Human performance technology is the study and ethical practice

Instructional interdisciplinary unit to teach elementary social studies

I need to design an instructional interdisciplinary unit to teach elementary social studies. It must include one week's worth of lesson plans. Introduction to the 'Theme This section' must describe: a. The target population; the characteristics of the learners for whom the activity is planned b. The prerequisites (If necess

The Value of Learning Standards

For this discussion, please share your own ideas and insights about how early childhood educators may communicate with others regarding learning standards as well as how to communicate the purpose and value of Learning Standards to parents. Discuss how children, teachers, programs and parents benefit from Learning Standards. Inc

Physical Development Standards

For this discussion, please choose either a focus on fostering fine motor or gross motor skill development. Develop a curriculum/activity plan designed to foster either fine motor or gross motor development in two (2) year old children. Include your implementation plan and assessment plan for the activity and an analysis of how

Data, Assessments, and How to Make an Assessment Plan

- When making an assessment plan, how would I identify the standards of learning for parents and student in language that would be easy to understand? What are students to know and be able to do? Include what the learning targets will be measuring. - How would one develop descriptions of what it means to meet the standard for

Areas to Investigate for Assessing the Academic Standards.

Please help me with the following: Visit the interactive map on the U.S. Department of Education website or conduct an internet search to locate the website for your state Department of Education (Illinois). Research the academic standards in your state for a first, second or third grader. Identify three areas that you feel y

Kindergarten Academic Standards

Could you help me with this? On the first day of kindergarten, some children will be able to read and write while others will not recognize their written name. Have the kindergarten academic standards been raised too high or have we just realized the potential of five-year-olds? On June 24, 2010 the Illinois State Board of

Head Start Performance Standards

What are the Head Start performance standards? Why are the Head Start programs more regimented than private preschools? How does this allow for differentiation in the various developmental stages of a child? The performance standards cover major areas such as: a) Early Childhood development and Health Services: By ensuring th

Standard Assessments of Student Learning

Alec Hulbert is a new sixth-grade teacher at Thomas Jefferson Middle School. Alec took advantage of the days before school began to review the records of the 20 students who would be in his class. He was pleased to see that most of the students were performing at or above grade level on the standardized tests in reading comprehe

Geography Learning Essential Understanding

1. Provide one Enduring Understanding each for two illustrations that a student should take away from their High School [or College] educations related to the Standards ( and the information related to the Illustrations. 2. Provide 4 Essential Questions to each Enduring Unders

Assessment and Critical Reflection

Brodie and Irving (2007) stated that as educators, regardless of the type of learning setting, ''we need to ensure that students will know: what learning is, how to do it best, when they have learnt, what their learning is informed by, what they need to learn, what they have learnt, know more about, become more able at doing.