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    Positive reinforcement and negative reinforcement by manager

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    1) Why is it important for managers to always try to use positive reinforcement instead of negative reinforcement?

    2) How might using negative reinforcement affect the working relationship or workplace environment?

    3) Should negative reinforcement ever be used in today's workplace? Why or why not?

    4) Is there any connection to recent news stories where this might have been an issue?

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    1. It is vital since it builds workers' greater sense of intrinsic motivation as well as self-autonomy for their work. It also builds trust and fosters more rapport between workers and supervisors. It also increases the likelihood of the positive behaviors to occur and for those habits to actually stick in the long term and then manifest positively.

    It also offers workers with concrete feedback and allows workers to better achieve their specific goals. It also enables them to hold workers accountable much more readily. Another reason is that affirms workplace morale.

    It also reinforces greater productivity for ...

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