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Face-to-face communication in an organization: pros and cons

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1) Why is face-to-face communication still important in an organization? Or is it?

2) What are the advantages of face-to-face communication in an organization?

3) What are the disadvantages?

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1) Why? Or is it?

Yes, to me, I believe that now more than ever, due to the technological era, face-to-face communication is still vital in an organization. We need to have proper interpersonal skills. We need to exude active listening and effective speech capacities at work (tone, volume, pace, wait time, articulation, inflection, etc.), not just be proficient at texting and emailing, as so ...

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Face-to-face communication's role in a workplace is briefly assessed in 260 words of personal notes. Some pros and cons are brainstormed as well.

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