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    The Role of Government and Regulation

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    Ethics and Corruption in Public Administration or Government Agency

    Through the Internet, use your favorite search engine to find a code of ethics for either an organization about public administration or a specific government agency. List the name of the organization and explain why the organization or agency needs a code of ethics. Identify and briefly describe a public administration or a

    Machinery of Government

    Briefly explain why it is important to examine machinery of government. Select a government agency and explain how it could work with another government agency (i.e., local, state, or federal), a private organization, or a nonprofit organization to increase efficiency, decrease implementation time, and increase the effectiven

    Strategies for Sustaining a Competitive Market Profile

    Deborah enters your office, and you notice that she looks apprehensive. "Hi, Deborah. What's up?" you ask, hoping that nothing is wrong. "Well, your team is doing an excellent job researching, and you've been keeping me up-to-date on your findings. My concern is that we are approaching this from a narrow-minded approach."

    Provision or Regulatory Provisions

    Please see the following link, then answer the following question: https://www.fbo.gov/spg/DLA/J3/DRMS/SP4510-09-Q-3036/listing.html What provision or regulatory provisions apply to this purchasing contract?

    Governmental Financial Statements

    Governmental financial statements are significantly different from those produced in accordance with GAAP. One significant reason for the difference is the financial statement user. Describe the governmental financial statement user and their needs.

    Long-Term Care Facilities

    Industry Name 5-Day YTD 1-Month 3-Month 1-Year 3-Year 5-Year Long-Term Care Facilities -0.30 36.14 5.74 5.91 47.19 13.21 -4.27 As the Baby Boomer generation ages, the long term care industry is positioned to boom if it can keep up with quickly changing regulations and migration to a less inst

    SEC Regulation

    In 1934, the United States government created the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). At the time, the country was still suffering from the 1929 market crash. The SEC applies mainly to publicly held companies helping them maintain fair and orderly markets. Discuss accounting and SEC regulations as a means to prevent f

    Core Values in Public Relations strategic approach to effectively connect with consumers for reducing negative output that could stagnates growth in public opinion with possible refraining from government regulation.

    List what the Community and Business need/want from each other. Discuss if you agree or not with this arrangement. How do public relations departments influence public opinion and should government regulation be involved? Tie in the core values of responsible stewardship, excellence and integrity? Business strives to connect

    This solution provides information regarding the classification of different types of transactions and how the effect is different in governmental versus for-profit entities. It discusses enterprise funds of a governmental entity and how tuition and fee revenue is recognized. The solution also discusses the need for a worksheet approach when transitioning from fund financial statements to entity wide governmental statements.

    Can you please verify my question #1, and answer #2-5 for me? 1. Can you identify the correct classification in the cash flow statement of the following cash transactions if they were transactions of a government enterprise fund in the first column, and if they were cash transactions of a business firm in the second column?

    Answers to finance questions that involve the difference in financial statements between for profits and governmental entities, the importance and need for a CAFR, and revenue recognition for governmental entities.

    1. There are four basic financial statements for a for-profit business. Those statements are an income statement, a statement of owners' equity, a balance sheet, and a cash flow statement. In contrast, the two basic financial statements for each of the governmental funds of a state or local government are a balance sheet and a

    U.S. Government Contracting and Federal Acquisition Regulation

    Please reference the Federal Acquisition Regulation to answer and cite the following: 1) Explain the importance of ethics in contracting? What would you reform in this area if anything? 2) In the context of government contractual authority, please define express authority, implied authority, and apparent authority and exp

    A Strong Central Government

    The United States, compared to countries like France, does not have a very strong central government. For example, public education in the United States is almost wholly within the domain of local government. In two-pages, discuss whether or not you believe that in the 21st century Washington should have greater power to dictate

    Accounting for Governmental Entities

    Can you match the transactions to the affected funds? (1) Proceeds of $500,000 were received from a bond issue were used for the purchase of the privately owned water utility in the city. (2) Property taxes of $300,000 were designated to be set aside for the eventual retirement of the City Hall building bonds that were co

    Bureaucracy in Healthcare

    Classical bureaucracy has been the defining hall-mark of health services organization. Is bureaucracy necessary to deliver effective health care? Why or why not?

    Communications from private organizations versus government agencies may vary greatly. Private sector organizations do not have to answer to "taxpayers" and typically communicate to stockholders via annual reports. Government agencies must often abide by public disclosure laws, in which very little information is "immune" from communication. Pitfalls can exist in how each sector communicates with the public. This solution analyzes ways to avoid problems in about 300 words.

    The specific questions asked by the student were: What are some key differences between public and private sector communications? Do private sector communication skills always translate well to the public sector? What are some potential pitfalls you might encounter and how can you avoid them? If communications contain to

    Importance of Strong Central Government

    A strong central government is a form of government that is able to force the states and municipalities to abide by the central government's laws that they set out.The United States, in comparison to other countries like France, does not have a very strong central government. The question that arises is: should the United States

    Financial Markets and Financial Regulation

    What does Behavioral Finance (BF) have to offer in a debate where the main topic is "Financial Markets" and "Financial Regulations"? Focus both on the micro (individual) behavior and the macro (system-wide/economy-wide) behavior. A. In favor of the part that favors regulation of financial markets. B. In opposition to the pa

    Office Policy Dilemma

    Read the scenario below. Describe how you will handle this situation. Explain your reasons. You recently accepted the position as office manager for a small medical claims billing company. The business is small and has few rules and regulations. Unfortunately, the lack of rules and regulations is creating a problem that you

    Government Contracting Financing

    You have determined that contract financing is not appropriate for major overhaul of the HVAC system in the installation headquarters building. The estimated cost is $175,250 with a period of performance of 3 months. The award is to be made using full and open competition after exclusion of sources. Which of the following select

    Government and Business

    - Describe the current relationship between government and business in the United States. - Describe one public policy goal of the United States for its citizens. - Evaluate the value of governmental regulation for American consumers. - State whether corporations should have political strategies or not. Justify your opinion.

    Government Contracting

    Please provide 8-10 explanatory comments for each of the following questions. One reference may include the Federal Acquisition Regulation: 1. What are acquisition plans designed to do? 2. A performance-based acquisition method is the preferred method of procuring service with the exception of procuring what kind of serv

    Government and Corporations

    I need help with the following questions. I'm not looking for a paper, but 2-3 paragraphs per question to help me get a better idea on how government plays a role in CSR. -Do governmental CSR policies assist consumers or organizations? In what ways? -Do governmental policies differ throughout the world? In what ways? -In

    Location of Optimal Facility for Stone Horse Supply Company

    Explain what factors should be taken into consideration when determining an optimal facility's location. Please read the following scenario. SCENARIO: In early 1975, brothers John and Michael Phillips founded the Stone Horse Supply Company. John and Michael, both horse riders and horse owners, had developed a horse feed t