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    The Role of Government and Regulation

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    Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR)

    James will award six contracts. - Office supply contract with a cost to be expected at $200,000 - Furniture contract with a cost to be expected at $50,000 - Computer contract with a cost to be expected at $245,000 - The construction contract with a cost expected to be over $2 million - The IT Services contract with a c

    Self-Determination Theory

    What is the relationship between job fit (i.e. how well a person is suited for his job), individual motivation, and the pursuit of organizational objectives? Explore the role of self-determination theory (Gagne & Deci, 2005) in job fit and its utility for leaders in establishing organization-level motivation strategies. I hav

    Non-Government Information Sources

    Do you think there is value in getting information from sources other than the government? How do you meld what you find on the government websites with other information you might find out there?

    Government Financing

    1)Why are the basic financial statements of a government?more so than those of a business?inadequate as a basis for assessing the entity's fiscal health? 2)Both notes to the financial statements and required supplementary information (RSI) must be included in the government's CAFR. What, then, does it matter if information i

    A Government Destroys a Recently Acquired Car

    A government destroys a recently acquired car, sells the remains for scrap, and its general fund surplus for the year increases. Explain how the situation described, including why the general fund surplus increases.

    Advertising: Self-regulation, Creating Want, PSAs & JunkFood

    -Determine whether consumer demand is created and sustained by the advertising industry, or whether it is already present and simply informed by advertising. Provide specific examples to support your response. -Evaluate the arguments for and against self-regulation in the advertising industry and discuss what steps (if any) t

    What responsibilities did David Duncan owe to Arthur Andersen?

    1. What responsibilities did David Duncan owe to Arthur Andersen? To Enron's management? To Enron's stockholders? To the accounting profession? 2. What are the ethical responsibilities of a corporate attorney, such as Nancy Temple, who works for "aggressive" client wishing to push the envelope of legality? 3. Under what

    Spectators and participants because of comprehensive roles

    We all know football is enjoyable for spectators and participants because of comprehensive roles. Similarly, insurance transaction also needs regulation. So, what is meant by the term insurance regulation"? Why is the solvency of insurers of such great importance to regulators? How do the regulators try to establish and maintain

    Discuss: The Market for Consumer Goods and Services

    Question: In the market for most consumer goods and services we assume the law of supply and demand, operating through open competition, determines the price. Competition, however, does not necessarily work to the consumer's advantage in the insurance market. Please discuss the following questions: - How does the pricing of an

    Government Regulations add costs to American companies

    Government Regulations add costs to American companies. Many of these regulations were "born" based on employer abuses of worker's rights in the past. Some of them, it could be argued, are no longer necessary or are of little value. The costs associated with these are significant. Do you think if the government eliminated some o

    Multiculturalism Giving More Market Opportunity For Entrepreneur

    A) Do you agree that many different cultures that make up the US have certainly given entrepreneurs more opportunities to serve the markets? Explain B) Do you agree that Coca Cola success is aligned with the company's ability globalize, and successfully market its products? Explain C) Do you agree that Cross competition

    Governmental Fund Statements, FASAB Study Questions

    9. Which of the following items are typically reported differently between the governmental fund statements and the Governmental Activities column of the government-wide statements? A. Capital outlays. B. Cash collected on property taxes receivable. C. Accounts payable and other accrued expenses. D. Inventories. 10. Whic

    Not-for-Profit and Government Accounting

    1. Audit objectives set forth by the United States Comptroller General in Government Auditing Standards (GAS) differ from the AICPA view (GAAS) as discussed in Chapter 12. Explain briefly how GAS audits might meet the information needs of taxpayers better than GAAS audits. Make clear what the two sets of objectives cover.

    Would you expect government to tax goods with elastic or inelastic demand?

    1. Would you expect government to tax goods with elastic or inelastic demand? Explain how the elasticity of the taxed good would affect government revenue. Use at least one example of a good that is taxed to illustrate your point. 2. Apply the concept of deadweight loss to the taxation of consumer and producer surplus. 3

    Emission Charges and Business Innovation

    How can emission charges encourage businesses to be innovative? Provide a specific example of this. Compare this approach with a standard regulation from a central authority.

    In this "age of reinvention and managerialist government" debate

    Debate: In this "age of reinvention and managerialist government," we still need to be concerned about the "ethic of citizenship." Take a position on whether you agree or disagree, present it, and support it with specific examples. References Denhardt, R.B., & Denhardt, J.V. (2009). Public administration: An action orien

    Green Business Question Movement towards green and sustainable practices are undoubtedly accelerating. Big businesses as well as governmental, non-governmental organizations are indeed making sincere efforts to achieve this goal. Awareness and opinion of the people is most important in to pressurize the organizations to do more and meaningful in this direction.

    - As a consumer, to what extent does green and sustainable product service or design influence you to buy a product? Does price or sustainability influence you more? Explain why. - Do new businesses today tend to start as wholly green and sustainable enterprises, or is it something toward which a business must work? Is it eve

    Corporate Regulation and Public Relations Messages on TV

    If corporations want less regulation, what should they do and how should they act? We see companies presenting public relations messages on TV. Are those helpful or is it enough to be a good corporate citizen while making a decent profit by providing a quality product or service?

    Reinvented Government

    Former Vice President Al Gore launched a "reinventing government" initiative during the Clinton Administration that sought to streamline government procedures and processes, and also sought to reduce duplication in government personnel. This is hardly a new concept, as almost every presidential administration has sought to disco

    Compensation issues, role of US government.

    1. Please identify the three most important things that you have learned so far about compensation issues. Please explain why these three issues are significant for you. 2. If you were working to convince your manager to improve or change your organization's approach to compensation issues, what benefits would you identify

    Oil Market Regulation

    What are your thoughts on the following scenario: To prevent gasoline prices from having devastating effects on the economy it has been proposed that all gasoline prices in the United States be fixed at the average price for the last two years. For simplicity it will be assumed that this price is $2.50 per gallon. When equil

    Electronic Platforms: E-books & E-government

    1. Define what an e-book is and describe what the advantages are to using e-books as compared to traditional printed books 2. What is the difference between e-government and m-government? What are some of the benefits of m-government, and what are some of the implementation issues involved?

    Government Accounting & Reporting

    Discuss whether or not you believe government agencies have sufficient accountability to U.S. taxpayers. Discuss what additional requirements in reporting you would like to see required by a government agency.