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    The Role of Government and Regulation

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    Transparency of the government

    Is government as transparent as private organizations or should they be more transparent and are accounting practices similar?


    Write a one page, double spaced memo to a non-financial audience explaining how increasing scrutiny and demand for accountability by the public has influenced reporting for not-for-profit and governmental entities.

    Government Financial Statements

    Answer the following questions based on Scottsdale, AZ CAFR year ending June 30, 2012. www.scottsdaleaz.gov/finance/cafr A. Look at the Statement of Fiduciary Net Assets. Which fund types are included? Is the Statement prepared in a format in which Assets - Liabilities = Net Assets? Are net assets shown as being held in tr

    Economics 3

    The study of government regulation and the competitive environment for business is relevant to all those who study business. All business candidates need to understand how the competitive environment will impact their employers and businesses. Task: A. Summarize the four major pieces of legislation collectively known as t

    Conversion of fund statements to government-wide statements

    Directions: 100 words on question 2 only. We have talked a lot about the differences between government wide statements and fund statements. Now we are looking at the actual conversion of fund statements to government-wide. 1. What GASB statement requires government wide statements and why? This answer should include a comm

    Adjusting Timing of Sales

    You are new accountant at the company and your boss orders you to backdate several sales invoices so that the sales are recognized in the previous fiscal year and not the current year. Assuming that the sales are legitimate, what is the harm of "adjusting" the timing of the sales? What would you do if the boss orders you to make

    Government Assistance and Influence

    1. Patents, Trademarks, Copyrights, Trade Secrets, etc., need to be registered in every country where a company does business (desires to protect its interest in its intellectual property). Research and comment upon situations where the country is not a Signatory to the international Intellectual Property Agreements and countri

    Sample questions for a buyer to ask seller about water line pipes

    Hello! I am seeking your kind assistance. Because my company is planning to purchase large water line pipes, they are sending me on a trip to a supplier site. As a buyer, could you provide me with some mandatory questions to assess the supplier as well as some additional advice for me to execute my job effectively? For exampl

    Government Oversight

    Over the years the government has become more involved in the oversight of accounting fraud and abuse. What are some of the actions that the government has enacted? Have they been successful? Why or why not?

    Role that the executive branch plays in health policy formulation

    Provide a clear idea of the role that the executive branch plays in health policy formulation and implementation. Examine the role of the executive branch in health care policy. What is the current role that the executive plays? How has this role changed over time? Argue which branch of government should have the largest ro

    Government Regulations and Employee Benefits

    The solution addresses the impact that government regulations and legislation plays in matters of employee benefits. There are three references and over 400 words to explain government involvement in benefits can have both positive, and negative impacts; for employers taxed with providing benefits and employees as the recipients

    Environmental sustainability in business

    1. What is the concept of environmental sustainability. Discuss the challenges to sustainability faced by developed, emerging, and survival economies. Do you think the "green" movement is a fad, or is it here to stay? 2. What part should the government take in ensuring that corporations are environmentally "friendly"? Why? 3.

    Ethical Code of Conduct Plan

    Over the past several weeks, you have been learning the various issues the ethical and legal challenges and factors involving your organization. Your task is to compose and submit an ethical code of conduct plan for your company that addresses the conduct of its employees, vendors, board of directors, key stakeholders, as well a

    Assessing Strategic Issues Faced by Industries

    To test your team members' ability to think strategically and apply what you have taught them to real businesses, you asked each one to write a report on a particular industry, addressing the following: What is (are) the major strategic issues that the industry faces? What strategic options or alternatives does it have to a

    Non-profit Value Statement and Ethics; Website review of three non-profit organizations; Executive summary for strategic alliances and lobbying strategies for non-profit; Non-profit business plan including initial mandates, mission, and values of the organization.

    1. Find three non-profit Web sites that include a core values statement or a Code of Ethics statement and evaluate those documents. Write a two page report on three non-profits, summarizing the main points, analyzing the statements for practical application, and explain how you might use the information gleaned to create a value

    Deteriorating infrastructures

    The number 4 challenge on a list of ten, as reported by DC Velocity (http://www.dcvelocity.com/), is "The nation's deteriorating infrastructure".Lynch, Clifford. (2010). Top Ten Logistics Challenges for 2011 (and Beyond) . Retrieved from http://www.dcvelocity.com/articles/2010121310_logistics_challenges_in_2011/ Independently

    Home Depot Research Help

    Home Depot (it is not a paper but just a plan for research). Please assist me with this assignment. You have attained the position of global responsibility director (Home depot). Your first task is to review the current status of the company and make recommendation for changes with respect to CSR. After careful review of the

    Regulation and the Uniform CPA Examination

    Regulation and the Uniform CPA Examination: Please help with guidance on how to proceed, such as what journals are published by the AICPA, etc. Just need help with a jumpstart on how to begin. Review the educational and experience requirements to sit for the Uniform CPA Examination published by the Board of Accountancy for

    Government Effects

    What are some ways that the government has supported the computer software industry? The government has two important roles: promote competition as well as protect consumers. Should the government put time limits on a patent? If the government imposes tax cuts for 95% of all households. How could this affect Microsoft or

    Accounting and Audit Enforcement

    - Evaluate the level of SOX regulations that applies to for-profit and not-for-profit health care organizations, indicating whether or not mandating SOX requirements for non-profits might reduce fraud and increase corporate governance. Provide support for your rationale. - Determine whether SOX has been effective in regulatin

    Peer Reviewed Article on Managerial Economics

    Need help because I am having a hard time putting this together. Can you please help me with this article review? Here are the topics: - Game Theory and Competitive Strategy - Regulation, Public Goods and Benefit-Cost Analysis - Decision Making Under Uncertainty - The Value of Information - Asymmetric Information & Org

    Effects of Government Relations

    Why is it important to consider the effects of government relations before agreeing to an international transaction? I need citations so that I can reference what is being said.

    The Bargaining Environment

    For this assignment, consider the prospects for unionization in an industry of your choice. The industry you choose can be your current one, one in which you would like to work, or one in which you have previously worked. In an essay, describe your chosen industry's receptivity to unionization. What are the factors that lead

    Global Business Management: Corruption and Trade

    Corruption Index: The corruption perceptions index (CPI) is a comparative assessment of integrity performance for a variety of countries. - What is CPI? What is its purpose? - What is the value of this index? - What are the trends or similarities between countries with the highest and lowest CPI 2011 scores? - What can be do

    OSHA Regulations: Proving a violation

    An employee gets injured on the job and believes that the injury was a result of the employer not abiding by Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) regulations. What will the employee need to show in order to prove that a violation exists? If the employee is able to show a violation exists, what steps might OSHA ta

    The Role of the Government in Building Business

    President Obama recently stated "If you've got a business, you didn't build that," Obama said. "Somebody else made that happen." (Foxnews.com, 2012, July 17) Is this an accurate statement? What is the government's role in building businesses and creating jobs?

    Unethical Organizational Behaviors

    Some organizations, including political entities, may have common organizational behaviors that are considered unethical. For example, it might be the norm for an organization to expect bribes to do business. This is the norm with several national governments. As the leader of a global organization, how do you lead in this situa