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Home Depot (it is not a paper but just a plan for research). Please assist me with this assignment.

You have attained the position of global responsibility director (Home depot). Your first task is to review the current status of the company and make recommendation for changes with respect to CSR. After careful review of the status of CSR and stakeholder attitudes, develop a plan for future CSR changes. Be sure to review the existing documentation and extend your knowledge with your own research.

The report will be submitted to the board of directors for approval. Once approval is given, you will work toward incorporating your CSR programs as major a component of corporate decision making and activities. Be sure to outline, in each category, how the company's vision and values are exemplified.

If the company has a well-developed CSR plan, your additions should allow its leadership position to be enhanced.

Include all section headings below in the body of the paper.

Executive Summary

An executive summary is a short section of a document that summarizes a longer report in such a way that readers can rapidly become acquainted with a large body of material without having to read it all. It will usually contain a brief statement of what is covered in the major document, background information, concise analysis and main conclusions.

1. Introduction
This section will review the current state of CSR within the company. Include:
• Current vision and value statements
• Current programs related to the three spheres and the environment
• Recent events related to current programs
• Reported stakeholder view of programs and actions of the company

2. Economic
Describe the current status of the company with regard to:
• Employee relations
• Corporate culture
• Investor relations
• Suppliers
• The plans and programs you plan to implement to address issues within economic sphere

3. Political
Describe the current status of the company with regard to:
• Regulatory structures
• Adherence to government regulations
• Relations to government entities
• Describe the plans and programs you plan to implement to address issues within political sphere

4. Civil Society
Describe the current status of the company with regard to:
• NGOs (non-governmental organizations)
• Local communities
• Customers
• The world
• The plans and programs you plan to implement to address issues within the civil society sphere

5. Environment
Describe the current status of the company with regard to:
• Local environmental impacts
• Global environmental impacts
• The plans and programs you plan to implement to address issues within the environment

6. Conclusion

7. References
• At least four references must be used

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Executive Summary: Corporate social responsibility is a very important aspect of the operations of any organization, and this report will provide information as to how Home Depot is satisfying its responsibilities in this area in an effective manner. This report will provide information as to how this organization is engaging in relations with its customers in a manner in which they are satisfied with the products and services that are receiving, as well as being satisfied with the matter which this organization enhances the social well-being of these individuals. This report will also provide information as to the effectiveness by which this organization demonstrates economic responsibility within its corporate social responsibility paradigm as well, which is a very important part of social responsibility due to the fact that communities depend upon economic strength and stability in order to survive and prosper in today's world. Information will also be contained within this report and respect to the importance of maintaining good standing with business governing bodies by adhering to the rules and regulations established by government regarding business enterprises. Home Depot's track record of corporate social responsibility in respect to his relationship with regulatory bodies will also be analyzed and provided within this report. Information as to how this organization relates with its employees and staff, will also be analyzed the reference to the corporate social responsibility aspects of these relationships, due to the fact that the fair and just treatment of staff members is also a crucially important part of the overall corporate social responsibility paradigm of any good business organization.

Introduction: The current vision of this organization is for Home Depot to become the most prominent and successful supply organization within its industry. This organization seeks to continue the growth and expansion of this organization into all areas of the world, and to multiply the number of facilities that it has within each nation in an incremental and steady method. This organization also seeks to increase the number of contracts that it receives from construction companies and other organizations for raw materials and supplies, which will also incrementally increase its profitability within the next decade and beyond. The major values held within this organization are for every employee within the organization to seek excellence, which includes the CEO and departmental staff members. This organization also values a commitment by all staff members to organizational goals and objectives, steadfastness under trying and difficult economic conditions, strict adherence to the directives of supervisors, and coordinated efforts between staff members in carrying out organizational objectives.

Current programs related to the spheres and the environment include providing a variety of opportunities for advancement for employees within the organization, so that those employees that are most productive rise the fastest in respect to promotion to areas of high responsibility and pay, which is an innovative program within the economic sphere. Another current program is a program of training management and staff in respect to business and employment regulations which is important within the political sphere. The program of donating to non-profit organizations in order to help communities is an important program within the societal sphere. The recent event related to these programs was the celebration of service event that was held to celebrate my knowledge the services that this organization has provided to the community at large. An important report stakeholder view of ...

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