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    Possible Solutions for Deteriorating infrastructures

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    The number 4 challenge on a list of ten, as reported by DC Velocity (http://www.dcvelocity.com/), is "The nation's deteriorating infrastructure".Lynch, Clifford. (2010). Top Ten Logistics Challenges for 2011 (and Beyond) . Retrieved from http://www.dcvelocity.com/articles/2010121310_logistics_challenges_in_2011/

    Independently research this key logistics issue and report on it. Define the problem and its scope, and provide some possible solutions. Write a paper that follows the guidelines and expectations.
    ASSIGNMENT EXPECTATIONS: The report should thoroughly address these aspects in depth and breadth:
    • Problem situation: clearly elucidate the problem situation
    • Assumptions: what are the assumptions about this issue and your critical evaluation
    • Possible Solutions: articulate some solutions
    • Evidence & Explanation: clear reasoning as to why these solutions will work. Elucidate your evidence coherently
    • Clarity & Organization: well-formed sentences and paragraphs, well organized with flow of reason, and good use of language that pertain to concepts and terminology
    • Use of references & Citations: at least five (5) proper references should be used correctly, cited in the text, and listed in the references using an appropriate style; It is not necessary to use APA format, but it is suggested that this format be used or another format similar.
    • Length: The paper should be three to four pages - the body of the paper excluding title page and references page.

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    Logistics is not merely organizing and streamlining the transport of goods. It requires
    consideration for the various challenges shippers and logistics experts face on a regular basis. The
    shipping industries, which include truck, rail, air, and sea transport face many challenges. Some of those
    challenges are industry specific; while others are challenges faced by all modes of transport. The most
    common challenges are those related to costs of fuel, limitations in infrastructure, and those related to
    acquisition of equipment and technology.
    Each mode of transport may face challenges in each of these areas, though some will be able to
    overcome them more rapidly than others. It is assumed that fuel costs will continue to rise, even with
    an improved U.S. economy. However, infrastructure changes may not change in the near future, unless
    legislation to channel funds into highways and more expansive rail systems are passed. With the
    opening of the newly reconfigured Panama Canal, some companies will need to purchase more
    equipment. Many companies had sold some of their equipment due to economic conditions. They will
    be scrambling to compete and to purchase more equipment at the lowest cost, while maintaining
    desired quality. The canal will be able to handle much larger ships, with wider and deeper passage.
    Larger capacity gives companies an opportunity to ship products along the Gulf coast more efficiently.
    However, larger ships require ports and harbors with the infrastructure and dimensions to handle the
    larger vessels (Marshall, 2012). The assumption is that harbors will want to compete for business and
    will look for funding sources for expansion. Obtaining the funding and construction manpower to ...

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