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Assessing Global Recruitment and Retention Practices

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Today's economy often involves a global environment. With the use of the internet, companies have expanded rapidly and around the world. Your American-based company wants to do work in Poland.
What do you need to consider from a political and legal standpoint before hiring new employees?

With the great expansion of companies around the world it is critical that organizations are aware of their cultural environment. Cultures vary around the world, within states, but also within an organization. Why is culture so important to understand from a staffing standpoint? Give an example of how a company can overcome cultural differences.

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When a company branches into operations within another country, there are several political and legal considerations to analyze before hiring new employees. From a legal perspective, in the scenario of a company wanting to conduct business in Poland, the first priority would be to become well-versed on labor laws. The company's "typical" hiring process must be reviewed to ensure all procedures coincide with Polish regulations. The Human Resources Department (HRD) should learn what avenues are used for recruiting locally (i.e. social media, local online newspapers and/or "paper" distribution methods). This will help to establish the company as a local presence and part of the community. Additionally, from a legal standpoint, the HRD must become aware of any unions and/or labor groups; to ensure all recruiting procedures do not violate any collective bargaining unit work. If the company will be transferring "home country" employees into Poland, the HRD should ensure all proper work permits or visas are in place (reference 1). From a political standpoint, the company should help with a transition phase so that expatriate employees are educated on ...

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This solution is about 700 words in length and has two references. It is a thorough analysis of what a company must do in order to successfully recruit and retain employees when operations are globally. There are political and legal dynamics when utilizing expatriates in other countries. This solution explains what a company must consider when hiring new employees.

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