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    The Role of Government and Regulation

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    Do you believe mood affects decision making? Do you feel that you make better decisions when you are in a good mood? Or do you feel you make better decisions when you are in a bad mood? Provide an example of a decision you made that you can tie to your mood at the given time. In your opinion, how might groupthink benefit (or

    Governmental Bookkeeping

    1. Describe and explain at least 3 differences in for-profit entities and governmental agencies that cause them to have different required accounting procedures; include an example of each. 2. At least 1 slide should explain which regulating authority oversees the accounting rules for governmental vs. for-profit entities. In

    Online Privacy: Government or Self Regulated

    Many people believe that the government should regulate business with respect to online privacy, but companies say self-regulation is more appropriate. Which approach would benefit consumers most?

    Micro-Regulating Healthcare

    What ways can the US be seen to micro-regulate health care? What are some viable alternatives to micro-regulation?

    Compensation and Government Regulations

    Compare job-based pay with skill-based pay and provide an example of each. Determine which pay you would prefer. Support your decision. Determine how government regulations affect compensation and if the regulations are needed. Support your position with examples.

    Accounting for Government and Nonprofit Entities!

    - A description of the essential principles of accounting for nonprofit organizations and municipal agencies - A description of the unique issues related to accounting processes for these entities. - The reasons you advocate for ethical accounting practices for nonprofit organizations and municipal agencies.

    Proposal for Regulation to Require Audit Firm Rotation

    Audit firm rotation Currently there is no regulation on audit firm rotation and it is required to do partner rotation. Discuss past and present regulations related to both and write a conclusion which will include the an opinion on requiring audit firm and partner rotation.

    Governmental influences that impact MNCs

    Unpredictable changes in governmental regulations can cause major influences on strategic implementation. What are some of the governmental influences that impact MNCs?

    A Discussion on Transfer Payments, Resource Use, Government Form

    1. What is the difference between transfer payments and government purchases? How has the mix of transfers and government purchases changed in the federal budget since 1960? List the most important transfer payments in the federal budget. What significant changes have occurred in the mix of all categories of federal government e

    A Discussion On Public Policy Framework, Affirmative Action, Federal Government

    1. Define the term "glass ceiling." Provide a brief overview and discussion of the public policy framework aimed at improving gender equity. 2. Discuss the role of affirmative action in civil rights. Explain the pros and cons of equal opportunity and affirmative action. 3. Identify and discuss the strengths and weaknesses

    Government Policy and Economic Growth

    Give the importance of savings and investment, identify a government policy that you believe either promotes or stifles economic growth and defend your response.

    Milton Friedman - What is America

    Please help me in answering the following questions about the youtube video. 1. What ethical considerations were discussed in the video. 2. Are the questions posed in this video still relevant today in light of the current business environment? 3.How can this lecture help you to become a better business person? Provide tw

    Governmental Accounting - Ledgers

    Prepare general journal entries to record the following transactions in York City's general Ledger and make adjusting entries, if needed: 1. York City Levied property taxes of $12,000,000 for 20X6. The taxes were levied on January 1, 20X6. York expects $80,000 to be uncollectible. Three-fourth of the taxes receivable are expe

    Compensating Nonprofit Board Members - Pros vs Cons

    The case study: Often Board and other committee volunteers for nonprofit organizaations are compensated for expenses during travel and meetings. Some think that this attracts volunteers for the wrong reasons. Engage in a discussion regarding the pros and cons of compensating board members and whether this is common practice fo

    Regulatory schemes in businesses

    If one owned a business, would it need regulation? Why or why not? What are current laws or regulatory schemes that deem to be unethical? If so, please describe the law or regulation scheme and why it lacks proper ethical foundation.

    Advantages and Disadvantages of Performance-Based Regulation

    Performance-based regulation is where a performance goal is set by legislative or administrative action, a plan for assessment is implemented, and penalties are put in place for failure to meet that goal. Based on your understanding of this concept, do you agree with this alternative approach? What advantages, if any, do you see

    Banking Regulation

    Take the main bank which you consider 'your' bank. Suppose the bank manager has asked you to support an imaginary petition to remove some of the 'over-burdening' regulations that the bank has to comply with. Keep in mind that the sub-prime mortgage crisis arose in part because the regulations governing mortgage lending had been

    Sustainability and Environmental Issues

    Please help answer the following problem. Sustainability is an important ethical and environmental issue in purchasing. Describe one material, product, or service that can contribute to sustainability in a project you have been involved with, or in your current organization. Describe how these decisions enable the organizati

    Federalism and Government Responsibility

    Dye (2010) argued "Federalism often creates confusion over which level of government has the responsibility of handling crises." Discuss the issues associated with federalism and what local, state, and federal policy makers need to consider when developing emergency response policies?

    Non-Profit Organization, Businesses, and Government Agencies

    How does forecasting differ among non-profit organizations, businesses, and government agencies? Which type of institution, such as nonprofit, business, or government, may be more accurate when forecasting? Why? Aside from the institution type, what other contexts may affect forecasting results? Why is understanding forecasting

    Policy affecting all levels of government

    Often one issue, policy, regulation, or law affects multiple levels of government or multiple government agencies. It is important to examine the effects because they could have a drastic impact on the effectiveness or success of the intended initiative. Select one issue, policy, regulation, law, or program that affects multi

    Accounting Regulation

    "There is too much accounting regulation" Discuss this comment (a) What can you say about the topic above? (b) What are the explicit elements and implicit elements in the topic provided? (c) Provides some original examples demonstrating the knowledge of the topic. (d) What is the conclusion which follows logically from the

    Market Research: Federal Acquisition Regulation (FAR)

    Engelbeck points out that government buyers have not traditionally done market research. Explain how and why that has changed in recent years. Explain how the FAR has been revised in recent years to accommodate more effective communications between the government buyer and the seller. Explain the term "bundling" as used i

    Multiple choice questions in taxation

    1) The payment items that should be budgeted first are A. variable expenses B. unplanned living expenses C. fixed expenses D. investment funds 2) The current financial position (including net worth) of an individual or family is best presented with the use of a A. cash flow statement B. time value