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Government Policy and Economic Growth

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Give the importance of savings and investment, identify a government policy that you believe either promotes or stifles economic growth and defend your response.

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It is very important for individuals of all walks of life to save as much money as they can, due to the fact that it is a statistical certainty that financial and economic problems will arise at some point in their lives. In addition, having an adequate amount of savings will make it possible for individuals to be able to deal with devastating economic situations that arise due to job loss, and detrimental situation that cause there to be a decline in the finances that are ...

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Economics discussion: state of the economy, recent monetary policy, the Fed

A. Characterize the state of the economy.
b. Is the Federal Reserve more concerned about high inflation or the possibility of a recession? Or, is the Federal Reserve more concerned about other issues? If so, what are they?
c. What is the stated direction of recent monetary policy? What policy actions have the Federal Reserve taken to confirm that direction?

I tried to answer these questions, by going to the Federal Reserve Web site http://www.federalreserve.gov

I located the sections for Testimony and Speeches and the section for Monetary Policy Report to the Congress.

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