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    Non-profit Website Review & Strategic Plan

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    1. Find three non-profit Web sites that include a core values statement or a Code of Ethics statement and evaluate those documents. Write a two page report on three non-profits, summarizing the main points, analyzing the statements for practical application, and explain how you might use the information gleaned to create a values statement of your own.

    2. Consider what lobbying strategies and strategic alliances you might need to develop for a HNO that you would like to lead. Write a one page executive summary for lobbying strategies and a one page executive summary for strategic alliances as though you were preparing for an upcoming board meeting and intended to present these as plans for the upcoming year.

    3. Begin your Strategic Non-profit Business Plan based in the process charted on page 232 (174 in previous edition), and described in detail in the chapters readings.

    Please address items One, Two, and Three in the process; initial mandates, mission, and values of the organization.

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    United Way, YMCA, and the American Red Cross are among the largest non-profit organizations in the United States. United Way focuses its work on three areas, "stabilizing families, helping children succeed, and empowering healthy lives" (United Way, 2013). The YMCA's focus is "for youth development, for healthy living and for social responsibility" (YMCA, 2013). The American Red Cross helps provide disaster relief, supports America's military families, provides health and safety courses, is engaged in international service, and supplies more than 40 percent of the United States' blood supply. Each of these non-profit organizations has a core values statement that helps to shape the organization's actions and mission.
    United Way has a lengthy code of ethics that specifically outlines the ethical standards of the organization. Each member of the organization's Board of Directors and worldwide staff must approve the code annually and board members must certify their compliance of it. United Way points out that their standards go beyond compliance of laws and regulations, as a way to garner trust from the public. The organization's code of ethics works to improve live by getting the community involved. To this end, the code focuses on the importance of appealing and working with "all people, all cultures, all communities, and the times" (United Way, 2013) and accepts responsibility for its actions and results. The code notes the importance of volunteerism and inclusiveness, as well as integrity and accountability. It also specifies innovation as an important way to get work done. Furthermore, the code specifies conflicts of interests, an important aspect to consider when running a large, organization. There is a great deal of information within United Way's code of ethics that is logical yet did not occur to me as important. This includes defining situations that are considered conflicts of interest, for instance. This code is beneficial to review before creating a values statement because of its attention to detail.
    The YMCA's core values are simply "caring, honesty, respect and responsibility" (YMCA, ...

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    This detailed solution finds three non-profit websites and provides a report on their core values or code of ethics. It also discusses the lobbying strategies and strategic alliances needed to develop a HNO and provides an executive summary for lobbying strategies and for strategic alliances. It provides part of a strategic plan for a fictional non-profit organization that includes initial mandates, mission, and values of the organization.APA formatted references are included.