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Ethics and Corruption in Public Administration

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Through the Internet, use your favorite search engine to find a code of ethics for either an organization about public administration or a specific government agency. List the name of the organization and explain why the organization or agency needs a code of ethics.

Identify and briefly describe a public administration or a government agency organization. Then, describe at least two major potential areas of corruption within the organization or one of their programs. Finally, describe at least one method to prevent the corruption from occurring.

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The response provides you a structured explanation of the Code of Ethics for The New Jersey Economic Development Authority. It also gives you four relevant references.

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Please describe the Code of Ethics for The New Jersey Economic Development Authority. The code is called Uniform Ethics Code and can be found at http://www.njeda.com/web/Aspx_pg/Templates/Pic_Text.aspx?Doc_Id=1513&menuid=1519&topid=717&levelid=5&midid=727

The agency is The New Jersey Economic Development Authority. The agency provides capital for expanding community services, to municipalities seeking to attract large corporations, or developers needing funds for redevelopment projects.

The agency needs the ethics code of conduct for concerns relating to violations of a law or regulation, ...

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