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EPA Ethical Case Study: Guerrilla Tactics, Impact On Company

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Answer the following:

1. A description of the ethical issue you identified in the "Guerrilla
Government in EPA's Seattle Regional Office" case study

2. A description of the issues the political appointees faced in this case and
an explanation of federal ethics law violations

3. An explanation of why you think the career employees were motivated to use
guerrilla tactics as a solution despite the risks to their careers (e.g.,
competing obligations) and whether their choice of guerrilla action was

4. An explanation of how these actions affected the organization and public

5. A description of the actions leaders within the EPA might have taken to
manage guerrilla government and an explanation of how those actions might
have changed the outcome of the situation

6.An evaluation of the potential lessons for public administrators and the
importance of these lessons

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1. The ethical issues are found in the use of tactics to circumvent the laws established and use of agency funds. The administrators, the first one and third one, sought to ignore and stifle the staff and their knowledge and expertise, while retaliating against anyone on staff who disagreed with the agenda or choices of the administrator. Beyond the political and personal agendas, the poor treatment of professionals, trying to follow the laws as written, creates a major ethical issue that then creates other ethical issues involving waivers, confidential information handling, and general disregard for the regulations and the role of the agency and its management.
2. The employees were faced with circumvention and disregard for the laws the agency was charged with upholding. Political ramifications of doing nothing or using other methods to see the laws were upheld. Targeted attacks on the employees who did not comply. Failure of the administration to support and protect employees from poor behaviors internally by others within the agency. Federal ethics violations include such areas as upholding the public's trust, not having or gaining financially through association with the agency including not accepting gifts. Federal employees are required to put forth their best efforts, not make promises that are not authorized or relate to personal gain. They must be impartial ...

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A review of a case study based on the federal EPA agency office in the Northwest United States.