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Machinery of Government

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Briefly explain why it is important to examine machinery of government.

Select a government agency and explain how it could work with another government agency (i.e., local, state, or federal), a private organization, or a nonprofit organization to increase efficiency, decrease implementation time, and increase the effectiveness of reform. This question is asking you to explain how one government agency could benefit by collaborating with at least one other organization. Your response should include each of the following: 1) description of a primary government agency, 2) description of a secondary organization that contributes to the efficiency of the primary government agency, and 3) explanation about how the primary and secondary organizations produce efficient results by collaborating. Consider using one issue, program, or initiative to help make the connection between two organizations and discuss how that relationship improves efficiency.

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The answer to this problem explains the National AIDS Policy. Two references related to the answer are also included.

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1) Description of a primary government agency

The primary government agency considered is the Office of National AIDS Policy. This office coordinates the efforts of domestic efforts to reduce the number of new HIV infections. This office also integrates the prevention, care, and treatment of HIV/AIDS. The office is focused on prevention through education and helps coordinate the care and treatment of citizens with HIV/AIDS. The agency is actively involved in preventing new infections through reduction in transmission rate of HIV. It is planning new interventions to prevent new infections. There are more than 56,000 new infections in the US each year and the administration is involved in ongoing efforts to reduce the epidemic.

2) Description of a secondary ...

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