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    Supply Chain Management

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    Question about Data Collection

    SYSTEMS OPERATIONS MANAGEMENT Employee Data Collection Training Employee Data Collection Training: Your boss has asked you to help new employees understand uses of data in systems-operation management and the various statistical process controls they will experience on a daily basis. Please describe the following te

    Performance indicators to evaluate performance of supply chain

    Key Supply Chain Performance Indicator Paper ? Select three key supply chain performance indicators from the following list: o Customer service levels o Queue line o Fill rates o Total network inventory o Scrap rate o On-time delivery o Cost/order placed o Orders picked/hour o

    Supply and demand hedging strategies for Volkswagen

    Which supply and demand hedging strategies (commodities futures, vertical/horizontal integration, etc.) would be the most appropriate to meet your customer requirements, based on the country's specific factor. My company is Volkswagen and the country is the Ivory Coast.

    Supply Chain Management Problem

    I need assistance in explaining the key activities of supply chain management. My request is limited to two of the top activities and how they contribute.

    Volksswagen: Value Chain Model

    Provide help understanding why Volkswagen uses the value chain model? Describe why they use this philosophy with any resources used to help explain it.

    Supply and Demand Analysis..

    A brief explanation of each and source pulled from so I can research more: 1. Analyze the effects of customer demands on suppliers 2. Define various ways customers may prepare for supply interruptions or changes

    TSC Stores: Supply Chain Management for Profitable Growth

    Using the "TSC Stores: Supply Chain Management for Profitable Growth" case by Professor P. Fraser Johnson please assist with the following questions: 1: Capacity problems aside, what are the major supply chain issues that threaten the growth and profitability plans of TSC? Please explain. 2: Analyze the anticipated capa

    Analyze web sites for supply chain management, and content

    Analyze the following web sites as they relate to supply chain management: 1. bestbuy.com 2. wal-mart.com 3. target.com Include at least three of the following items in your analysis for each site, plus three additional items relevant to the retail industry: o How user friendly is it? o Download speed o


    20. In a command system, economic decision making is carried out by which group? a. social infrastructure board (SIB) b. Central planning board (CPB) c. Central economic advisory board (CEAB) d. Workers central board (WCB) 21. What does the aggregate supply curve represent in the product market? a. the various amounts of

    Smart Chips Company: Value Chain Management

    In competitive industries, most of the time, companies must look within, and find ways to reduce the cost of bringing a product from the raw material to finished stage, in order to remain competitive in the long run. The computer microchip industry, in particular, is very competitive. Whenever a new microchip comes into the m

    HEWLETT PACKARD: Develop new strategies for the supply chain and project plan

    Provide an in-depth summary (literature review) of the text references found on this topic. HEWLETT PACKARD The literature review section describes in detail other studies that have been conducted that deal with the same or similar problems. The literature review puts your research into a set with other studies and documents

    Operations Management: Research and Principles for Supply Chain and Manufacturing

    Part 1: You have just received a phone call from a senior partner at one of the "Big Four" management consultancies. She wants to meet with you to discuss the most recent developments in Inventory Management, including JIT, MRP, ERP, and Lean operations. You suspect that her true motive is to sell a SOA (Supply Chain Opportunit

    Operations / Supply Chain Management Question

    ABC car manufacturer is subject to caps on CO2 emissions and would like to assess whether or not it should invest in the technology necessary to make electric vehicles that would reduce the amount of CO2 produced by their vehicles. As an operations management consultant, list 5 questions you would immediately ask ABC and why

    Summarize Findings Communications

    1. Communications 2. Materials and inventory 3. Order entry 4. Supervision at the plants 5. General production flow Compile your individual findings and recommendations into a Word document, and submit the file. Be sure to reference all sources using APA style.

    Supply Chain Management or Budgeting

    Supply Chain Management (a) identify the main issues in the chosen area, (b) contain and reference new learning that has occurred, (c) activities or incidents that facilitated learning and understanding, and (d) present specific current and/or future applications and relevance to the workplace. The emphasis of the paper shou

    supply chain for electric fans

    A supply chain for the electric fans, taking advantage of any global opportunities available to riordan manufacturing such as lower labor cost.

    Sally's Silk screening Supply Management: How many T-shirts should be produced?

    20. Sally's Silk screening produces specialty T-shirts that are primarily sold at special events. She is trying to decide how many to produce for an upcoming event. During the event itself, which lasts one day, Sally can sell T-shirts for $20 apiece. However, when the event ends, any unsold T-shirt are sold for $4 apiece. It cos

    Presenting the Business Case for a Technology Solution

    * - Present a business plan for the Baderman Island enterprise-wide supply chain management solution project. This business plan should be at the executive level which is detailed, but succinct and precise with its recommendations. Be sure to cover the following areas ineed to be covered: * - Technology Solution * - Specific

    EGAD Bottling Co 8 glasses of water a day: Choose plan with lowest cost Questions 1. The objective is to choose the plan that has the lowest cost. Which plan would you recommend? 2. Presumably, information about the new line has been shared with supply chain partners. Explain what information should be shared with various partners, and why sharing that information is important.

    I need a little help figuring out this case study. The EGAD Bottling Company has decided to introduce a new line of premium bottled water that will include several "designer" flavors. Marketing manager Georgianna Mercer is predicting an upturn in demand based on the new offer and the increased public awareness of the health b

    International Finance: Arbitrage Chain

    Looking for help in how to approach finding an arbitrage chain that starts with USD given the following information: 1. JPY/USD: Bid-102.000 Ask-103.000 2. JPY/CHF: Bid-97.000 Ask-98.000 3. CHF/USD: Bid-1.0600 Ask-1.0620 Cross Bid-1.04082 Ask-1.06186