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    Warehouse Management

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    Warehousing, Management and the proper security of it stored goods. Warehousing has a critical part to play in the supply chain and equal attention must be given to the security of its goods.

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    Warehouse Management

    What is warehouse management? Warehouses are storage facilities used by companies and organizations to store goods and products that are related to and used in their function, goals and purposes as an organization/business entity. Most importantly however, it also stores their products - the ones purchased and manufactured for retail as well as ingredients, tools and raw materials. A warehouse then is a repository of the materials and machines important to an organization. But, being that it is the location wherein goods come and go, from factories to storage, from storage to stores and clients, it becomes more of a logistics facility than just a mere storage place, hence warehouses must follow certain protocols of management. It is in this case that warehouses also fall under the label of a distribution center. Warehouse management then is the management of a warehouse from inventory, logistics, goods coordination and management of the specialists and employees whose roles affect and support the efficient functioning of the warehouse according to its purpose and design.

    Relevance in the Supply Chain

    As a distribution center, the warehouse of a business/company is an important ...

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