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    Supply Chain Management

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    Supply and distribution A convenience store chain attempts to be responsive and provide customers what they need,when they need it,where need it.What are some different ways that a convenience store supply chain can be responsive?What are some risks in each case? (Hint: You need to know or understand the Customer service output concept/word of responsiveness first to answer this question).

    A convenience store chain attempts to be responsive and provide customers what they need,when they need it,where need it.What are some different ways that a convenience store supply chain can be responsive?What are some risks in each case? (Hint: You need to know or understand the Customer service output concept/word of responsi

    Your firm audits Metropolitan Power Supply (MPS).

    Your firm audits Metropolitan Power Supply (MPS). The issue under consideration is the treatment of the company's financial statements of $700 million in capitalized construction costs relating to Eagle Mountain, a vertically completed nuclear power plant. Seven years ago, MPS began construction of Eagle Mountain, with an origi

    Speed to Market

    The agile supply chain utilizes the idea of "speed to market" in order to get the product to the end-consumer as quickly as possible as we often see happen when new technology becomes available (i.e. cell phones, flat screen TV's, etc). How might both the manufacturer and the end-consumer be harmed utilizing this concept? Docume

    Supply Chain Risk

    Could you please help me with this subject?: All supply chain activity involves some degree of risk. Identify six potential sources and causes of risk in global supply chains.

    Logistics - Alignment Concepts

    Discuss the concept of alignment in the supply chain process. When transporting a product, is the supply chain alignment different for different products such as soft drinks versus clothing? How does the alignment affect the organization's logistics strategy?

    Business Logistics/Supply Chain Management

    Need help with this question: For the following situations, indicate whether an area or modified-area layout of a warehouse would likely be used and why. a. A food distribution center b. A furniture warehouse c. Storage of major appliances d. Storage of a steel company's products e. A drug and sundries distributi

    Operational Components Importance

    Explain the operational components of planning, sourcing, making, and delivering. Describe the importance of sales, operations, and resource planning for the supply chain. Why it is critical to have an accurate sales forecast. Include examples.

    Supply Chain and Purchasing Process

    Explain the role of a buyer in an organization's supply chain and purchasing process. Why would a buyer need to be familiar with the supply chain of his or her organization? What are the possible ramifications of a buyer not having a complete understanding of his or her organization's supply chain?

    Business Logistics/Supply Chain Management

    Compare and contrast private ownership of storage space to rented storage space with reference to the following: a. Services that can be realized from each b. Cost for storage c. Degree of administrative future uncertainties d. Flexibility in meeting future uncertainties Under what general circumstances is private war

    Roles and Responsibilities - Retail Supply Management

    I need some help getting started with the following assignment: Describe the roles and responsibilities of people working in retail supply management. Explain how these roles and responsibilities are applied at your organization or an organization with which you are familiar.

    Deming's Theory of Management

    Management would like to implement one of Deming's points each year. First, which of the points do you think is most important and why? Secondly, do you believe that this methodology would be effective? Why or why not? What is the importance of managing systems and processes in achieving effective and efficient production and

    Smitheford Pharmaceuticals wants to reduce its inventory costs

    I attached the picture of what each rock is. Smitheford Pharmaceuticals wants to reduce its inventory costs. As a quality manager to Smitheford Pharmaceuticals, explain the meaning of lowering the water level to expose the rocks, on the diagram on this figure, as you would to your management team. How would you keep Smithe

    After performing the cost benefit analysis on technology options

    After performing the cost benefit analysis on technology options, the leadership of Smitheford Pharmaceuticals has asked you to determine what other factors should influence their decision. Identify these other factors and provide your insight as to their importance. Do world-class organizations always select the higher technolo

    Business Logistics/Supply Chain Management

    Identify several products that have extreme characteristics with regards to weight-bulk ratio, value-weight ratio, substitutability, and risk. Some suggestions are assembled bicycles, sand for glassmaking, and prescription drugs sold at retail, but you should choose different exmaples. Explain how knowledge of the product's cha

    Uniform and Zone Pricing Schemes

    Why are uniform and zone pricing schemes fair for customers on the whole but discriminatory and unfair for a great many of them individually?

    Supply Chain Issues and Trends

    Need two articles on supply chain Issues and trends. Then write two articles and topics based on: (a) annotated bibliographies and (b) academic criticism. Why are annotated bibliographies so important? Consider that you may have hundreds of scholarly articles before you are finished. How you categorize and organize those will be

    Supply chain cases: The Bis Corporation & American Tool Works

    The Bis Corporation 1. In addition to the 6 pieces of data collected (demand, annual production capacity, etc.), identify at least 4 more pieces of information that may be necessary to make a decision about the network configuration. American Tool Works 2. Identify at least 4 potential risks American Tool Works m

    Risk Management and the Supply Chain

    Discuss an example of how an unknown-unknown risk proved damaging to a supply chain. You are free to utilize any example and any organization of your choosing. Explain specifically how each of the following might have mitigated this risk. - Invest in redundancy - Increase velocity in sensing and responding - Create an adaptiv

    Supply chain

    1. Describe the supply chain for their current employer. This description will have to start with a description of your internal supply chain i.e. your operations and then expand to your external chain. 2. Since SCM relies on the sharing of data, much of which might be deemed proprietary, how can we have effective SCM if w

    Supply Chain Management: The Value Chain

    In general what is the importance of the value chain. (I have read article after article on this topic and they all pretty much say the same thing...can you explain it to me in some what basic terms or worded in a different way?) Are the the primary activities more important than the secondary activities or do they complimen