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Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management Powerpoint

After the initial report, the owners of Stone Horse Supply Company, John and Michael, have contacted you regarding some information in which they did not understand. They explain to you over the phone that they do not understand the need to modernize the company's flow regarding its suppliers as part of a new supply chain strate

Supply Chain Strategy

In 1000 words, explain what a supply chain is and discuss the importance of a company having a supply chain strategy. Identify at least four key drivers of any supply chain strategy and discuss why each is an important ingredient to a supply chain strategy. Cite an example of a company that has used its supply chain as a competi

Downward-Sloping Demand and Supply & Demand Models.

Over the last 30 years in the United States, the real price of a college education (i.e., after adjusting for inflation) has increased by almost 70 percent. Over the same period, an increasing number of high school graduates have sought a college education. (Nationwide college enrollments almost doubled over this period.) While

New product development and supply chain management: how procedures add to standardization and efficient development of new products, the role of supply professionals in development of procedures, and how cross functional teams can help.

From your research, discuss the procedures/processes contributing to the integration of standardization and simplification in developing specifications for new products. How do these procedures/processes contribute to the more effective and efficient development of these specifications? What is the role of purchasing and supp

Logistics Provider: Traditional and Virtual

3-4 pages is required 1. Compare and differentiate the functions normally associated with 4PLs relative to the role of 3PLs. 2. What are the factors responsible for more and more companies relying on the services of 4PLs? 3. Explain why it is important to establish metrics that can help determine the "value" a 4PL can

Supply Chain and Inventory Strategy: Case Study

Putting together a syllabus for my course starting in January. Cases: Produce a two-to three page analysis, synthesis, and evaluation of each case based on questions. The cases will be "typed", double spaced. Case is "Barilla Spa Case" 1. What are the reasons for the increase in variability in Barilla's supply chain? 2

Corporate Finance - Questions

1. Define and Discuss the relationship between business risk, financial risk, and beta (systematic or market risk). 2. Explain why certain shareholders would have a preference on receiving dividends and on the amount of the dividend. If you were a shareholder of Apple, what would you prefer: dividends or stock appreciation?

Foundations & Current Challenges in Strategic Management

In a narrative format, discuss these firms from a strategic perspective. Information concerning recent changes in the firms is readily available online and should be accessed. Strategic issues should be discussed in "real time." 1. How has Wal-Mart grown from a small region chain to the largest discount retailer in the world?

Dell Computer Supply Chain - Operations Management

I need help with these three questions. With respect to Dell Computers: 1. Explain how the organization deals with contract issues, including legal issues, resolving contract disputes, and international contracts. 2. Analyze the production and inventory control measures within the organization, including scheduling, dem

Problems MRP can Create for Suppliers

Research MRP with references. What problems can MRP create for suppliers as you go upstream in the supply chain? Why? In addition, what impact will a supplier's quality and delivery problems have on a company using MRP? Why?

Economic Production: Limiting the Number of Units

Why would companies limit the number of units produced? Does this invariably lead to "black markets"? How do black markets shift the supply and demand curves? What other determinants of supply or demand (book calls these "shifters") might cause a change in the supply and demand curves?

Lean supply chain implementation and risks

It is possible to implement a lean supply chain while using a global supply chain however the process must be implemented in a safe manner. The key is to hedge the different risks involved. How does a company implement a supply chain given all the risks that affect a company? In addition, how does a company hedge the various

Discussion Question about China's Management

Under the given conditions of having a customer base in North America with the suppliers located in China, it is possible to implement lean supply chain management. Ideally, the only restrictions would be found with the caliber and capability of the given suppliers in China. What if you were at a new company that wanted to go

Collaboration Improving the Supply Chain

How can collaboration help health care centers to improve relationships with vendors? How can that collaboration improve the supply chain for all parties? Is there a situation in which collaboration is not necessary? Explain your answer.

The Performance Chain

Discuss the performance chain as it applies to your organization or one with which you are familiar. Identify the key components and links of the performance chain within the organization. Is the performance chain effective?

Supply and distribution A convenience store chain attempts to be responsive and provide customers what they need,when they need it,where need it.What are some different ways that a convenience store supply chain can be responsive?What are some risks in each case? (Hint: You need to know or understand the Customer service output concept/word of responsiveness first to answer this question).

A convenience store chain attempts to be responsive and provide customers what they need,when they need it,where need it.What are some different ways that a convenience store supply chain can be responsive?What are some risks in each case? (Hint: You need to know or understand the Customer service output concept/word of responsi

Your firm audits Metropolitan Power Supply (MPS).

Your firm audits Metropolitan Power Supply (MPS). The issue under consideration is the treatment of the company's financial statements of $700 million in capitalized construction costs relating to Eagle Mountain, a vertically completed nuclear power plant. Seven years ago, MPS began construction of Eagle Mountain, with an origi

Speed to Market

The agile supply chain utilizes the idea of "speed to market" in order to get the product to the end-consumer as quickly as possible as we often see happen when new technology becomes available (i.e. cell phones, flat screen TV's, etc). How might both the manufacturer and the end-consumer be harmed utilizing this concept? Docume

Supply Chain Risk

Could you please help me with this subject?: All supply chain activity involves some degree of risk. Identify six potential sources and causes of risk in global supply chains.

Logistics - Alignment Concepts

Discuss the concept of alignment in the supply chain process. When transporting a product, is the supply chain alignment different for different products such as soft drinks versus clothing? How does the alignment affect the organization's logistics strategy?

Business Logistics/Supply Chain Management

Need help with this question: For the following situations, indicate whether an area or modified-area layout of a warehouse would likely be used and why. a. A food distribution center b. A furniture warehouse c. Storage of major appliances d. Storage of a steel company's products e. A drug and sundries distributi

Operational Components Importance

Explain the operational components of planning, sourcing, making, and delivering. Describe the importance of sales, operations, and resource planning for the supply chain. Why it is critical to have an accurate sales forecast. Include examples.

Supply Chain and Purchasing Process

Explain the role of a buyer in an organization's supply chain and purchasing process. Why would a buyer need to be familiar with the supply chain of his or her organization? What are the possible ramifications of a buyer not having a complete understanding of his or her organization's supply chain?